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Elementary Students Fight Bullying For Classmate With Special Needs.





With bullying becoming more common in schools these days, kids with special needs become easy targets. In fact, the US Department of Health and Human Services disclosed that children with disabilities are at a heightened risk of being bullied.

The situation is no different for James Willmert, a student with special needs at Franklin Elementary in Mankato. James, who learns a little differently compared to other fifth graders, often gets teased and picked on at school.

But this didn’t stop a group of boys composed of Huz, Tyler, Landon, Jack, and Jake from standing up for him to fight off his bullies.

Defying social norms, they even included James in class activities and played sports with him just to show to the world that James isn’t any different from others.

Even his mother was surprised with what the boys did.

“He used to not  wanna go out for recess or anything. It would be like a struggle. Now he can barely go eat his lunch to get outside to play with those guys,” James’ mother said.

Watch the inspiring deed these fifth-graders did for a boy with special needs.

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Source: The Little Things

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