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Four Thugs Looking For a Fight Messed With The Wrong Guy

They messed with the wrong guy.


Four dudes against one in a street fight. It’s quite obvious who’s gonna win, yes? I mean, the lone dude is hopelessly outnumbered and done for, unless he carries a gun or a weapon that can fend off four men attacking him at once.

Wrong. Sometimes confidence can beat the odds. This guy right here has plenty. Combined with the crazed look in his eyes, those four dudes didn’t stand a chance. It’s quite something when you see four men hesitating to take on the lone dude. They obviously messed with the wrong guy.

Watch this video of the street fight and see how the dude got all gangsta on his four attackers.


Toddler Miraculously Survived a Stroller Crush by Car Transport Truck

This is terrifying. Thankfully, the youngster survived!

One of the worst nightmares of parents is seeing their children getting caught in an accident. Accidents can be very traumatic and may cause irreparable damages or death and so being extra cautious at all times is a must.

Horrifying incident like this is terrifying but it’s important to remember that presence of mind in times of danger is needed to be able to save lives.

Every second counts, time matters so much when saving a life as providing solution and aid promptly can result to a huge difference between life and death.

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Dad Opens Up Top of His Son’s Sippy Cup and Discovers Why He Keeps Getting Sick

Be warned, your children’s sippy cups may turn out to be deadly…

A dad from Quebec, Canada was wondering why his toddler kept getting sick. There wasn't a flu going around and there hadn't been any government advisory about a virus targeting children.

On a hunch, Simon O'kanada examined his son's Tommee Tippee sippy bottle. After breaking open the cup's anti-spill guard, he discovered something that thoroughly grossed him out and made him extremely mad at the same time.

Simon O'kanada wondered why his son kept getting sick.

022616 sippy cup feature

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The Cringe-Worthy List of Most Embarrassing Social Media Fails Ever

We cannot stress it enough, be careful with what you post on social media if you don’t want to be next on this list.

Social media has become so powerful, that so many people are already on the internet. Facebook alone has millions of users, and it continues to grow with each day. Even with the age restrictions, kids also have their own social media accounts and it just cannot be stopped. Even other platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat have continuously been on the rise.

With the tremendous number of people who are on the internet, we cannot stress it further that you have to be careful about what you post or upload on your own feeds. The following individuals did the exact opposite, and well, now they serve as examples of the embarrassing posts on social media that we all shouldn't follow:

#1. Uh, we'd probably be scared, too. Imagine how huuuge the belly will be, right?

1 Uh, we'd probably be scared, too. Imagine how huuuge the belly will be, right?

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