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Believe It Or Not, These 10 YouTube Celebrities Are Making Millions





Gone are the days when people can tell you that creating those “stupid YouTube videos” is a complete waste of time. These days, you can actually earn millions if you hit the right notes and, of course, have a multitude of followers.

Several blog entries ago, we shared with you about CaptainSparklez or Jordan Maron in real life. This 23-year-old guy just purchased a hilltop mansion in Hollywood Hills worth $4.5 million. His main source of income? Posting Minecraft videos on YouTube.

Also, you may remember about DisneyCollectorBR who earned big bucks in 2014 (i.e. 4.9 million) just unboxing Disney toys.

Recently, Forbes posted a list of top YouTube Millionaires on their website and here’s the list:

1. Rosanna Pansino

youtube-millionaires 1

Subscribers: 4.8 Million
Revenue: $2.5 Million

Rosanna Pansino‘s Nerdy Nummies is the most famous baking show on YouTube where she creates nerd-themed baked goodies such as objects and characters from movies, cartoons, video games, and many more.

2. Roman Atwood


Subscribers: 4 Million
Revenue: $2.5 Million

Roman Atwood, on the other hand, has gained a lot of online followers with his hidden camera pranks – such as that recent one where he blew his kid up.

3. Lilly Singh

youtube-millionaires 3

Subscribers: 6.9 Million
Revenue: $2.5 Million

Known in the YouTube community as IISuperwomanII, Lilly Singh just began her comedy channel 5 years ago.

4. Michelle Phan

youtube-millionaires 4

Photo credit: Michelle Phan/YouTube

Subscribers: 8 Million
Revenue: $3 Million

Make-up expert Michelle Phan has over 350 videos and 8 million solid followers. Phan first achieved popularity when Buzzfeed featured two of his videos – such as “How To Get Lady Gaga’s Eyes.”

5. KSI

youtube-millionaires 5

Photo credit: KSIOlajidebt/YouTube

Subscribers: 10.9 Million
Revenue: $4.5 Million

What does KSI do for a living? Well, he simply records his commentaries on popular video games and then he puts it up on YouTube.

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