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Vendor Gets Moved To Tears After A Generous Stranger Purchased All Her Flowers

Truly heartwarming. This guy has to be the nicest stranger ever!


It’s always heartwarming when we see examples of kindness demonstrated in unexpected ways. Such as in this footage where we see a flower vendor on a New York subway gets the surprise of her life when a stranger walked up to her and bought all her roses.

Uploaded on YouTube with the title ‘Miracle on the 6 train today,’ the heartwarming footage has captured the man’s act of genuine generosity. He approached the vendor asking for the price of the roses and the vendor explained they’re a dollar each or $11 for a dozen. She likewise mentioned she has 140 flowers and the man immediately said “I’ll give you $140 for the whole thing.”

Obviously surprised by the offer, the woman laughed awkwardly but the man wasn’t kidding at all.

Source: YouTube

“But you have to do me a favor. You’ve got to give them out,” he instructed.

When the vendor started tearing up, the man even told her not to cry.

“Don’t be like that, it’s a happy day,” he reminded her.

Source: YouTube

He then reiterated the deal, asking the vendor to give all the flowers away to the train passengers so she can stop selling for the day. When the woman finally came to her senses and agreed, the man immediately disappeared off the train, leaving the crying vendor on her seat.

“Anybody who wants a rose you, can come and get one! Free roses, help me out guys,” the woman announced in between sobs.

Source: YouTube
Watch the heartwarming video here:

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One of the passengers who witnessed the whole thing couldn’t help but comment “that’s fantastic.”

It definitely is and it’s absolutely inspiring! May we all consciously seek to brighten someone else’s day by performing simple acts of kindness everyday.


Aussie Tourist Thanks Filipino Hotel Room Attendant For Returning $4,900 He Left Behind

Robert Nay — a 65-year-old Aussie tourist — praised Filipino hotel room attendant Jayward Comendador for returning the $4,900 he had left behind.

It's been said that money makes the world go round. However, at least one Aussie tourist would probably contradict that and cite his experience at a hotel in the Philippines.

Robert Nay, a 65-year-old Australian traveler, recently stayed at a hotel in the town of Mabalacat in Pampanga, a province in the Central Luzon region of the Philippines. Mabalacat is about an hour's drive away from the country's capital city of Manila.

Mabalacat, Pampanga is about an hour's drive from Manila.

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10 Acts of Kindness That Undoubtedly Restored Our Faith in Humanity

Faith in humanity restored!

All over the world, the year 2016 has been plagued by news about murders, wars, and disasters. Hearing these kinds of news is deeply saddening and may even bring feelings of hopelessness and fear that we are slowly losing our humanity.

However, despite all these negative events, there are still people who show us that humans are not innately evil, that there is always room for kindness, and that, most importantly, there is always hope.

The compilation of photos below shows some of the best examples of benevolent acts - precious moments where humans proved that kindness goes a long way.

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Muslims Donate 10 Tons of Food For The Homeless This Christmas

This is the real face of Islam – a peaceful and kind religion.

Although the Christmas celebration is mostly considered a Christian tradition, it’s always amazing when people set aside religious differences in order to reach out to the needy. This heartwarming story recently happened in London and we can’t help but smile so wide.

In a genuine expression of concern, Muslims gathered together to donate over 10 tons of food for the homeless.

Source: Muslim Aid

Organized by the East London Mosque with Muslim Aid, about 7,500 members of the congregation helped to make the wonderful project possible. Shopping bags were filled with rice, pasta, cereal, and canned goods.

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