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Flower Seller Moved To Tears After Kind Stranger Buys All Of Her Roses On NY Subway

The world needs us to be kind to one another.






We all know that a little kindness can go a long way, but we sometimes didn’t think about how much it affects other people. A video has emerged showing a woman moved into tears after a stranger made an unexpected gesture. This goes to show that one good deed can certainly change someone else’s life.

Two years ago, a netizen posted a touching video of an emotional moment on the New York City subway. Now, after being posted on Reddit, the clip is making its way around the Internet once again.

Getting a nice “thank you” or a smile from people is already enough to know that they appreciate the help. But we have no idea that sometimes that one good deed that we did was the one thing that the person needed the most at the time.

In the footage, seemingly captured on the phone, a man wearing a suit approaches the woman on a busy New York subway carriage where she is attempting to sell 140 roses for a $1 each.

The man begins to inquire about buying in bulk and offers to pay $140 for the entire bunch. But there’s a twist. The good Samaritan didn’t take all the roses but told the woman to give them out instead.

“But you have to do me a favor,” he tells the woman. “You’ve got to give them out. You just give them out today and have a nice day. Don’t sell any of them, give them all away.”

The flower seller agrees to the condition and then bursts into tears as he tells her: “Don’t be like that, it’s a happy day.”

The mysterious man then vanished into the crowd.

The woman kept crying, but she didn’t forget about her promise to the kind stranger.

With tears still running down her face, she shouts out, “For anybody who wants a rose, you can come and get one … free roses!”

If we just learn to have each other’s back, the world will be a much better place to live in.

Watch the video here:

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