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Fish Spa Can Be Fun And Relaxing But Know The Risks Before Trying





Have you ever heard of fish spa? Don’t mistake a fish spa as a place where they pamper your pet fish, it is actually a spa where fishes exfoliate the skin of people.

Doctor Fish (Scientific Name: Garra rufa) is the specie being used in fish spas. These fishes are harmless and will just munch on dead skin. They don’t bite so it’s nothing to worry about.

This is how fish spa works.


First, you submerge your feet under a tank full of Doctor Fish. Second, just relax and allow the fish to eat the dead skin on your feet. This process is exfoliating. The only difference here is how your feet are being exfoliated; a lot of people find this treatment relaxing.

It tickles at first but when you get used to it, it will be relaxing.

Women trying fish spa, it tickles at first but when you get used to it, it will be relaxing.

Source: Youtube

Though this spa is known and popular in some regions, it is better to be cautious when you get your feet in the fish tank. Consider this; a lot of people go there to get their feet done so you could imagine the water condition in the aquarium. In order to avoid this, the water should be replaced daily.

In addition to statement earlier, not only human feet defiles the water but also the fish itself. Fish also has its own waste product so the amount of fish dirt in the water is also a factor, considering the number of fishes inside a tank is numerous. As mentioned earlier water maintenance is needed to promote sanitation.


Garra rufa may carry bacteria such as group B Streptococus. This may cause a fish spa client to get infection once exposed to these bacteria. It is best to make sure that you have no cuts or wounds on the feet and legs before going to fish spa.

Watch How Fish Spa Works:

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Overall having a sanitized area, clean water and no wounds on feet and legs mean you are safe to have a relaxing fish spa.

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