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Meet the World’s First ‘Pho-DOG-rapher’ Who Uses A Camera That Shoots Every Time It Gets Excited!





Photography has received increasing popularity recently. With bloggers, travelers and social media users turning to beautiful photos to heightened their interests, different cameras have been developed to suit up everyone’s needs. But what we did not see coming was a camera especially made for dogs!

Nikon recently developed “Heartography,” a technology that enables dogs to shoot photos by connecting a camera to a heart monitor via Bluetooth. Every time the dog’s heart beat increases, the heart monitor detects it and instantly snaps a photo. The changes in the dog’s heart beat may be brought about by excitement, fear or other strong feelings. With this, we can know how a dog’s day had been – what excited it during the day, who it encountered and basically how its day went. We are just not sure if this will hit store racks anytime soon.

For its promotional video, Nikon Asia dubbed a dog named Grizzler as the world's first "pho-dog-grapher" to try their new technology.


Photo credit: Nikon Asia
Do you think this picture of a black cat was shot due to excitement, fear or any other emotion?


Photo credit: Nikon Asia
Grizzler took a photo of a bird roaming around the city.


Photo credit: Nikon Asia
An artistic shot of a turtle!


Photo credit: Nikon Asia
Maybe Grizzler wanted to make friends with cats. Another photo of a feline creature.


Photo credit: Nikon Asia
Another photo of birds, this time in action.


Photo credit: Nikon Asia
Maybe Grizzler was attempting a shoe selfie here or something. So cute!


Photo credit: Nikon Asia
Yes, Grizzler? What do you want from the store?


Photo credit: Nikon Asia
What a beautiful shot of mushrooms!


Photo credit: Nikon Asia
Maybe Grizzler wanted eggs for breakfast when he took this picture.


Photo credit: Nikon Asia
Or maybe seafooods?


Photo credit: Nikon Asia
Grizzler may have been delighted to have found a new friend whilst taking a walk.


Photo credit: Nikon Asia
Watch the video here:

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Credits: Nikon Asia via Bored Panda

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