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How Far Would You Go For Love? What He Did Will Surely Make Every Woman Jealous!

This heart-touching video will teach you the first duty of love. 


“From a scale of one to 10, please rate your pain.”

Although this might be considered a perfect line for this story, how the series of events ran into a different twist will surely leave you in awe.

This is a story of an ordinary newspaper boy who, selfless as he is, was willing to give up everything he has on his possession, even his own precious life, just so he could give half of his heart to the one he loves. Every day, he would deliver the papers to his usual valued customers in exchange of a minimum amount and record it to monitor his daily income. Naturally generous, he would sometimes even deliver the papers without accepting anything in return.

Everything was perfectly normal until he caught the saleslady who he admires, sobbing and completely disoriented. The height of the story further excelled when the true condition of the boy was revealed. He is hearing impaired. One day, he followed her and discovered that someone she must have loved so dearly passed away.

With the eagerness to save more and the memoir of the sobbing saleslady as his only defense, he decided to join a violent match of which whoever remains standing up to the last second gets to take home the pot money. For a moment, he would collapse and fall on his knees. For another second his thin body is then covered with blood as he receives another solid hook. Thankfully, he held onto his goals and won the challenge.

The next scene then stages to the part where he rushed to the girl and brought his gift for her. Finally, he could give her something that could not be more precious. He bought a hearing aid so that their worlds could connect and he could finally listen to her agonies and stories saying “Do not cry. Tell me your problems instead and I will listen.”

Watch the heart-touching video:

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It is oftentimes mistaken that love and women are the most complex subjects not knowing that both really do not require anything at all. As hard as it may sound, all they need are the same things that cannot be retrieved—words, actions and time. We may have heard of many fairy tales worth sharing but this one is among for keeps.

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A Man On The Street Began Singing…  What Happened Next was Remarkable!

This awesome video shows exactly how music connects everyone.


Playing For Change movement’s primary aim is to inspire and connect the world through the power of their music. They are always in constant search for inspirations of ordinary people who have the soul and conviction in their voices. According Johnson, PFC founder, creating songs around the world moved them to unite the unknown great musicians from different countries and cultures. Through music, they become one in spreading hope and love to the rests of the world.

One inspiring music video showed below is their wonderful rendition of the soul singer Otis Redding song entitled “Sittin’ On The Dock Of The Bay”.  The classic music was given again life by the group.  I was just amazed on how they created the video performed by the many people from different countries.  Indeed, their music would easily connect to people who are in need of inspiration to remain steadfast as they face many turbulent moments in their lives.

Watch the Inspiring Music Video!

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Romantic Husband Writes 10,000 Love Letters To Wife. He’s the MAN!

Everyday for the past 40 years this overly romantic guy gives his wife a token of his love and affection.

Love letter is a romantic way of showing one's love in written form. It just never gets old and nothing can ever transcend the rush of emotions, feelings of love whenever you receive a letter from your beloved.

While women are more likely to write love letters, send cards and prefer the traditional and romantic ways to show their love to men, this devoted husband is breaking that record and setting the bar high for the male population. Your "no ordinary man" is Bill Bresnan, a Toms River, New Jersey resident and radio host who has written more than 10,000 love letters to her wife Kirsten--everyday since they have been married.


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These Awesome Acts Of Kindness Will DEFINITELY Restore Your Faith In Humanity!

My heart almost stopped…

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” - Aesop

Imagine that you're standing on a train platform, waiting for the next train to bring you to where you're supposed to go. It's a normal, boring day, and you can't wait to get through with it.  You're busy fumbling with your mobile phone when the old lady beside you collapses and falls onto the train tracks. You stand there, frozen. What will you do?

Being able to help others is a good thing. But being able to save a life is probably the greatest deed that one can ever accomplish. It involves courage, compassion, and altruism.  This awesome compilation of video clips shows how random acts of kindness can turn into heroic deeds. It will definitely touch your heart, move you to tears, and restore your faith in humanity.

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