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Find Out How and Why Do Deceased Loved Ones Come in Your Dreams





Have you ever woken up from a dream that feels very real? Have you dreamed about your deceased family member, relative or friend? Did you understand what the dream is all about?

Many people experience dreaming about dead people who they know, but most don’t understand the meaning of their dreams and what it conveys.

There could be different meanings in each dream. Sometimes dreaming about them is a way of expressing our connection to them.

Other times the dreams simply mean that you have not moved on from the death of that person; unable to accept the fact that they are gone in our external lives but still alive in our memories and inner existence. Other dreams in actuality signify that a deceased person is trying to communicate with you.

Why do deceased people whom we love come in our dreams? All these dreams are full of symbolism.

Jeffrey Wands author of The Psychic in You said,
“Everyone was born with the capacity to respond to supernatural forces.”

Lauri Moore is a psychic Medium in the video below, she talks about dreaming about deceased loved ones. According to her when you dream of a dead person, it actually means that the deceased individual is visiting you to rely a message.

According to Moore the messages depends on your dreams some would say goodbye, some would convey that they are fine, other deceased person will give a warning to their living loved ones while others won’t say anything.

She also explains that if you don’t dream about your deceased loved ones and you want to dream about them, she said try putting a note or picture of the dead person you want to dream about under your pillow to be able to somehow connect with them.

Dreaming about your deceased loved one is a gift, it gives you a chance to see the person, sensing their presence and feeling them alive who have in reality left our world.

Try to remember your dreams then grasp and figure out the signs, words and actions you saw and heard in that incident. This way you will be able to understand their messages for you.

Sussane Wilson a carefree medium discusses how will you be able to have a dream visit from your deceased loved ones. This is very interesting. Watch video for more detailed information.


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What can you say about your dreams? Was it just a simple dream or a dream visitation? Tell us your comments!

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