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Innovative Filipinos Invent an Ingenious Lamp Using Salt and Water

Aside from being a lamp, it can also be used as a powerbank; it has an emergency port where you can plug in smartphones using USB cables.

Ann Nuñez





In times when renewable energy sources are of great importance, this ingenious invention is just what we need.

Invented by Filipino siblings Aisa and Ralph Mijeno with the help of Engineer Joeffrey Firas, the lamp consists of a plastic bottle, water, and some salt. Using only a glass of water and two tablespoons of a salt, a single lamp can provide eight hours of light. The lamp can also be powered with seawater, which is convenient especially for those living near coastal areas.

The lamp uses water and salt to produce light.


Photo credit: Salt

The Filipinos’ invention is extremely useful, particularly for geographically isolated and disadvantaged areas where electric companies have not yet established power lines. It is also more environmentally friendly than the kerosene-lamp alternative which Filipinos usually use.

Aside from being a lamp, it can also be used as a powerbank; it has an emergency port where you can plug in smartphones using USB cables.

Watch their amazing story below:

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Source: SaltTrending News Portal

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Mark Andrew



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