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Filipino Maid Tied To Tree By Employers As Punishment For Leaving Furniture In The Sun

“You old man will find your karma, just you wait.”


Even the best employees make mistakes. But no matter how big or small the mistake can be, nobody deserves to be cruelly punished for it. Unfortunately, there are a lot of terrible employers out there, and one Filipina happened to be working for one of them.

Lovely Acosta Baruelo was working for a wealthy family in Riyadh when she left a piece of furniture outside in the sunlight. The family was not happy about it so they tied the woman to a tree as a punishment for her to feel the effects of being out in the sun.

The heat of the sun posed risks of fading the furniture’s color. However, it’s not clear if any damage was actually done or not. Still, this oversight reportedly angered her employers to the point of deciding they needed to punish Lovely.

The Middle Eastern family was so concerned that their piece of furniture might be ruined, so they tied the 26-year-old was to a tree under the blazing sun to teach her a lesson. It appears that they are more worried about the safety of the expensive item than the maid’s health.

Horrified by Lovely’s treatment, a colleague took snaps of the incident. The colleague said that this was the sort of punishment they regularly faced at the hands of their employers.

The Philippines Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) said they were told about Lovely’s situation and they helped her return home safely in the Philippines.

Lovely has now returned to the Philippines and thanked those who helped her. But she also asked for help concerning other Filipino workers left in Saudi Arabia.

She thanked those who helped her and left a message to her employer:

“You old man will find your karma, just you wait. Keep deducting our salaries. This is the reason why you have poor health. It’s your karma for all the wrong things you did.”


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