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Filipino Couple Travels To Japan To Recreate Popular Anime Scenes

Coolest couple ever!

Traveling is good for couples. Not only does it lead to new experiences and happy memories, it has likewise been proven to strengthen relationships. No wonder most couples have travel goals they hope to pursue whenever time and budget allows it.

Well this couple from the Philippines just took #travelgoals and #relationshipgoals to a whole new level – and the rest of us, anime-loving public, just couldn’t help but be amazed.

Netizen Gomer Santos and his fiancé flew all the way to Japan to recreate their favorite anime scenes.

Source: Gomer Santos

As you’ve read on the headline, yes, this pair took a flight from the Philippines to Japan for the purpose of recreating scenes from their favorite anime movies and TV series. They tracked down the popular landmarks and took photos there.

The pictures were initially shared via the DIY Travel Philippines Facebook page but it just went viral from there as the internet took notice of the awesome concept. Various websites has since featured the couple.

According to Gomer, his fiancé is a huge anime fan and so they went to the country to visit the iconic spots that were featured from her favorite movies and shows. The couple visited Kyoto, Osaka, Hiroshima, Mt. Fuji and Tokyo to recreate the photos.

Check out the rest of the photos here:


Source: Gomer Santos

Source: Gomer Santos

Source: Gomer Santos

Source: Gomer Santos

Congratulations to this cool couple and may you have more wonderful adventures together in the years to come!

Of course, photo recreations can still be fun and heartwarming even with lower budget. For example, some people have recreated old childhood photos with their siblings hilarious. Meanwhile, we’ve likewise featured couples who recreated their past pictures and made the internet believe that, yes, real love can be forever indeed.


Author Proposes a Simple Question That Shuts Down All Anti-Abortion Arguments

You don’t have to be a pro or anti-abortion just to agree that what he asked made total sense.

Whether you agree or not, abortion is still a topic worth debating in our society. Some believe it’s a must, but others say otherwise. Despite the fact that some argue that “life begins at conception,” it still holds true that our modern scientists and lawmakers have yet to determine the exact beginning of life.

But perhaps the biggest issue that remains is that people, at times, are entitled to tell others what to do with their bodies. Or, at least, they feel that doing so is correct and acceptable when it's entirely not.

Whenever pro-lifers discuss the horrific aftermath of abortion, the other side can’t help but get involved. And this continues to cycle as each day passes by – there seems to be no end to it. Interestingly, an author by the name of Patrick S. Tomlinson (known for The Ark Trilogy) is raising argument all over Twitter. In just a couple of tweets, he has managed to propose a simple yet thought-provoking question that will leave any pro-lifer scrambling – and they’ve yet to find an acceptable, coherent answer....

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Well Alyson Tabbitha is among the few cosplayers out there who can remarkably transform herself into any character. Her love for cosplaying began at an early age when her mom would create her own costumes for Halloween. This put the seed in her head, and she eventually became a professional cosplayer in 2014. Ever since, her costumes have been highlighted in various events.

From creative representations of Captain Jack Sparrow to Edward Scissorhands, Alyson is making huge waves in the industry. Oh, this goes without saying that her Final Fantasy costumes are top-notched! No wonder she has since acquired a huge following on Instagram....

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Transgender Woman Stored Her Sperm So She Can Father Her Own Children Someday

“I think it is incredible to know I can still have a baby that is half my DNA.”

For most transgenders, having the body and gender they want is more than enough, the pinnacle of their desires. But for Lea Membrey, this is not the end of it. The 20-year old from Auckland, New Zealand went to a sperm bank three times to store her own (this was done before she transitioned) so that she can father her own child when it becomes possible to have biological children of her own!

Lea started transitioning in July 2015 after feeling "disconnected" from her original male body. She has felt like that ever since she was a boy. She has been bullied and abused during her school years for being gay, a label that she's not really comfortable with.

It was when she met other transgender women that she became serious with transitioning.


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