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Filipino Couple Travels To Japan To Recreate Popular Anime Scenes





Traveling is good for couples. Not only does it lead to new experiences and happy memories, it has likewise been proven to strengthen relationships. No wonder most couples have travel goals they hope to pursue whenever time and budget allows it.

Well this couple from the Philippines just took #travelgoals and #relationshipgoals to a whole new level – and the rest of us, anime-loving public, just couldn’t help but be amazed.

Netizen Gomer Santos and his fiancé flew all the way to Japan to recreate their favorite anime scenes.

Source: Gomer Santos

As you’ve read on the headline, yes, this pair took a flight from the Philippines to Japan for the purpose of recreating scenes from their favorite anime movies and TV series. They tracked down the popular landmarks and took photos there.

The pictures were initially shared via the DIY Travel Philippines Facebook page but it just went viral from there as the internet took notice of the awesome concept. Various websites has since featured the couple.

According to Gomer, his fiancé is a huge anime fan and so they went to the country to visit the iconic spots that were featured from her favorite movies and shows. The couple visited Kyoto, Osaka, Hiroshima, Mt. Fuji and Tokyo to recreate the photos.

Check out the rest of the photos here:


Source: Gomer Santos

Source: Gomer Santos

Source: Gomer Santos

Source: Gomer Santos

Congratulations to this cool couple and may you have more wonderful adventures together in the years to come!

Of course, photo recreations can still be fun and heartwarming even with lower budget. For example, some people have recreated old childhood photos with their siblings hilarious. Meanwhile, we’ve likewise featured couples who recreated their past pictures and made the internet believe that, yes, real love can be forever indeed.

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