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7 Trips Couples Need To Take To See If Their Other Half Is ‘The One’

Couples can be tested on how well they can handle different unpredictable situations by traveling to places.


Whether it’s the first ever trip you and your significant other have together or the much-planned honeymoon, travel brings some form of pressure in your relationship, which can help you realize who your partner is as a person and tell you if you can stand each other in different circumstances.

Planning your travels and going to places you’ve never been can be stressful at times but that will either result in the realization of true love or maybe cause a crack in the relationship. According to Allison Pescosolido, co-founder of Santa Monica, California-based Divorce Detox, a counseling service firm, while the first trip you take with your significant other won’t reveal how much you are compatible you are with each other, it will ultimately reveal how much you can relate to each other as a married couple.

“Traveling can be seen as a mini-test to see how your relationship works when you are together 24-7 and dealing with unpredictable circumstances,” Pescosolido said.

Here are trips that you need to take with your partner to see if he or she is truly “the one.”

1. Trip to the favorite place

A good relationship is not about forgetting your individual self and going for whatever your partner wants. A good relationship is about having your own decisions and still able to make a compromise. Going to your favorite vacation spot with your partner doesn’t guarantee that he or she will like the place the same way as you do. However, if that someone willingly goes with you and you both enjoy the trip anyway, then you may have found yourself a keeper.

2. Hometown trips

Source: Mind the Gap

Getting on this trip will help you see if your partner can get along with your family or loved ones and, at the same time, if you can get along with his or hers. Meeting the family is great, especially if you grew up close to them. Taking this trip will also let you hear what your loved ones think about your partner. Although their opinion may not have an impact on how you feel about your other half, you might just want to hear what they have to say. Going on a hometown trip is also an opportunity to get intimate with your significant other since you’ll be showing him or her the place that’s part of your childhood.

3. No distractions

In this modern age, it’s hard to get by without using your mobile devices. But going on a trip without them can be epic and romantic. Have an intimate moment with your partner by going on a trip free from the constant beeping of notifications on your device. This way, you will get to know the person better and engage in a real, deep conversation. The only digital thing you might want to bring with you is the camera.

4. Group trips

Source: IndianYouth

Friends can also be family and they can be there whenever you need advice when it comes to your relationship. A group trip with your friends or your other half’s friends not only spells fun and enjoyment but also a chance to see if you can get along with them and vice versa.

5. Take a budget trip

Source: Openworldmag

Some people want to be extravagant when it comes to vacations, but some would prefer a budget trip. The latter would help you figure out if both of you can work on a tight budget and still manage to feel awesome about your vacation at the end of the day. Furthermore, if both of you can agree on a budget, you can work out your finances easily when you decide to settle down.

6. Epic road trip

Spending some quality time with your other half on a road trip is a great way to know how long you can last each other. Driving for hours at a time can be boring but if you enjoy every bit of it because of his or her presence, you can just imagine what life will be like if you live with that person for years in the same house.

7. Travel to unfamiliar places

Source: VineandLight

Traveling to places unknown will be a great challenge – and a fun one at that, especially when you’re somewhere where people can’t understand you and vice versa. This will test how well you can coordinate and work with your partner to go around the challenge. There could be frustrations along the way but if you and your partner can maintain each other’s cool and enjoy the experience, that someone could stay with you for long.

H/T: CNN, Places to See In Your Lifetime


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