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Lamborghini Cars Were Born Because Ferrari Founder Insulted A Tractor Company Owner

It all started with an insult.

When some people get insulted, they return the favor by insulting back those who have insulted them. Some, however, have a different and more positive way of getting back at those who have scorned them – just like what the owner of this tractor company did when he got trash talked by Ferrari’s founder.

Ferruccio Lamborghini owned a tractor company called Lamborghini Trattori S.p.A., which manufactured tractors from hardware obtained from the military. Car engines have always been his expertise. In fact, he was known as a wizard when it comes to fixing engines and mechanical improvisation when he worked as mechanics corps for the Air Force during the second world war.

As narrated in Today I Found Out, when the war ended, Lamborghini put up a small motorcycle and car repair shop somewhere in northern Italy. Initially, he wanted to purchase surplus military machines and then remodel them into tractors. At that time, Lamborghini lived in an agricultural area where such vehicles were in demand.

At first, he was averaging one tractor a month. Then, his business boomed, allowing him to expand to the production of oil-burning heaters and air conditioning units.

Ferruccio Lamborghini originally built tractors before he built sports cars.

Lamborghini was a car lover and, being a wealthy businessman, he was able to buy sports cars. One of the cars that he owned was a Ferrari 250 GT. Unfortunately, he had issues with the clutch so he decided to pay Enzo Ferrari a visit to voice out his concerns. Ferrari, however, allegedly answered Lamborghini’s complaints with a retort that sounded more like an insult.

Ferrari said:

“The problem is not with the car but with [the] driver!”

This was followed by an advice that went like “looking after tractors instead.” For Lamborghini, this was not an insult but a challenge. So what did he do?

The Bull in the car's logo is Lamborghini's birth sign, Taurus.

Lamborghini decided to build his own car using a V12 engine. He then went on to establish a small factory in Sant’Agata with the help of Giotto Bizzarini, Franco Scaglione, and Gian Paolo Dallara, ex-Ferrari employees who became his employees. They focused on one task, and that is to create a car that could reach the speed of 150 miles per hour on a well-known Italian motorway called the Autostrada del Sole.

Most of the Lamborghini car models are related to bulls or bull fighting.

Lamborghini admitted to never inventing anything but rather improving others' ideas.

And the result of their hard work? The Lamborghini 350 GT.

Apparently, had it not been for Ferrari’s harsh words and Lamborghini’s determination, we wouldn’t have one of the most popular brands of sports car today.


Chinese Mom Refused To Give Up Her Disabled Son, Now He’s A Harvard Law Student

Kudos to this devoted mother!

A mother’s love can really do wonders and that has once again been illustrated by the heartwarming story below. If you are a parent of a child with disability, you will probably find strength and inspiration from this.

Zou Hongyan gave birth to her only son in central China back in 1988. However, she was heartbroken when Ding Ding, her baby, “nearly suffocated during a birth complication,” according to a feature by SCMP, and it eventually left him with cerebral palsy.

Doctors in Hubei province suggested that Zou Hongyan give up the baby instead.

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Being a parent is one of the toughest jobs in the world. It is a demanding job that will require you to work tirelessly, seven days in a week. You encounter all sorts of challenges but you do not get paid. In turn, you receive love, kisses, and the utter joy of seeing your kids grow up into strong and beautiful individuals.

While we believe that most parents take parenting seriously, there are those who opt to go the extra mile to give their children everything that they would need. Take a look at this compilation of parents who decided to give their children all their love and support, and then some more.

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Teen Gets Hailed as ‘Hero’ for Holding An Umbrella Over Elderly Man During Hailstorm

This awesome kid just restored our faith in humanity.

It’s always heartwarming when he hear about simple acts of kindness, particularly when its done by a stranger. In this case, the good deed came from a humble 14-year-old boy who decided to rush into a hailstorm so he can hold an umbrella over an elderly man’s head.

Now he’s getting a lot of internet love and is being hailed as a hero by numerous netizens – and we think that he very much deserves it!

Elvis Ingersoll, 14, has been praised as a ‘hero’ by many after his photos and video went viral online.

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