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Female Gamers Are Rapidly Increasing In Asia, Says New Research




  • Female video gamers are increasing, according to new research.
  • Professional e-sports players and streamers are making big bucks from competition and sponsors.
  • The gaming industry sees the female population as a significant market, making new games specifically aimed at their interests.

Noticing an increase among female video gamers lately? Well, you’re not imagining things!

A new research tells us that, yes, the number of female players are growing faster compared with their male counterparts. Google-commissioned data reveals that female gamers jumped by 15% in 2019 as many continue to join the community. Globally, Asia is considered a hot spot for video gaming as it makes up 48% of overall gaming revenue. Google and researcher Niko Partners also shared that female gamers helped increase 38% of the 1.33 billion gaming population across the world in the same year.

The figures are even way higher in Asia where China now boasts about 45% of female players with Japan, South Korea, and Southeast Asia having 40%, reported BBC.

According to Rohii Bhushan of Google Asia Pacific:

“Among the millions of female gamers joining the ranks every year, females have been a huge catalyst for growth.”

Meanwhile, Google Asia Pacific head of apps partnerships and platform marketing Matt Brocklehurst shared:

“More and more female gamers are drawn to the fun, flexibility and freedom that mobile gaming affords. This is especially the case in Asia, where mobiles are the primary internet-enabled device for many people.”

19-year-old Valerie Ong, on the other hand, took inspiration from a friend who joined a Call of Duty competition.

Valerie confessed that it was “really cool and inspiration” to watch her friend – who was the only female to compete that year – defeat her male opponents.

Watch this video feature about female gamers:

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Over the years, gaming has become a huge money-making business not only for game manufacturers but for e-sports players and streamers themselves who have also become powerful influencers with millions of followers behind their backs. Now they’re even penetrating different areas of the industry.

.Case in point, Reia Ayunan used to play games professionally, earning up to $2,800 every month. Now she’s working under Ubisoft as a video game creator, helping produce games specifically aimed at the female market.

Now check out this awesome grandma proving gaming isn’t only for the young!

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