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Female Dragonflies Fake Death to Avoid Sex




  • Scientists have found that female dragonflies have an interesting way to avoid mating.
  • A video reveals that the female would pretend to be dead so that the male will not mate with her.
  • The unusual behavior is believed to be a survival tactic.

Women have tried almost every trick in the book to avoid the unwanted advances of men. However, girls might learn something new from dragonflies. It has been revealed that female dragonflies pretend to be dead so that the male would not mate with them. Interestingly, it could be a survival tactic.

Scientists discovered the surprising move while observing moorland hawker dragonflies in the Swiss Alps. In a video, it was revealed that female dragonflies would feign death whenever a male was nearby. The footage shows how one female would freeze in mid-air then drop to the ground, seemingly dead. However, it would then fly away once the male is no longer in sight.

If you think it’s tough avoiding men, be thankful you’re not a female dragonfly.

So why are the female dragonflies taking such extreme measures to reject some sexy time? According to scientists, it has a lot to do with survival. The behavior is called sexual death feigning, a phenomenon where animals pretend to be dead to avoid sex.

There’s a good reason why dragonflies have adopted the tactic. Female dragonflies tend to get injured when forced to mate by aggressive males. In addition to that, females only lay eggs once in their life but could still be forced to mate afterwards. Unfortunately, the safest way to avoid sex if you’re a female dragonfly is to pretend that you are no longer alive.

Dragonflies have found an extreme way to say ‘no’ to males.

It’s an eye-opening discovery considering that procreation is viewed as the main purpose in an animal’s life. On the other hand, female dragonflies might want to enjoy life a little and not have to deal with annoying males all of the time.

Watch the video below:

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