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He Fell in a Deep Well for a Month, But He Miraculously Survived.





Dogs are one of the sweetest pets in the world. People consider dogs as one of their best friends and these pets are being taken care of and loved by everybody. These pets bring happiness and love in our lives.

The video of this dog went viral as people were amazed how he survived alone in a deep well and how many people amazingly lend a hand to the dog. It’s incredible that many individual treat dogs as human, and this is a practice that should forever persist.

In a field in Bosnia, there was a blind dog strolling around the area. He accidentally fell on a deep well. The kids in the neighbourhood noticed that a dog was in the deep well as they heard him barking, as if it was asking for help. They were so worried that the kids provided food for the dog to survive. Children would throw food down the hole for one month so that it will be able to eat.

The dog unable to get out of the hole for the longest time, children decided to ask for help. The kids told the people in the community about what happened to the dog. Fahrudin Caki Bravo and Ratko Koblar heard about this news and decided to drive to the neighbourhood to save the dog and help him get out of the deep well. They instantly volunteered to save his life!

The well was so deep and the hole was so narrow, careful attempt was needed to be able to get the dog safely. Everybody was happy when he was rescued.

Now, this cute little dog will be spending his days outside the hole with people who care for him. He is now far from danger.

The Harmony Fund supported the rescue, its goal is to support and save all the animals that are in need of aid and assistance. If you are an animal lover and would love to help save animals around the world, you may donate at The Harmony Fund.

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