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Dad Gave Him 3 weeks to Improve His Grades. He Failed So Goodbye to that Xbox!





The Netizens are in total feud about a recent video of a father-and-son “parenting punishment” that dominated the Youtube a few days ago. Although the said video garnered a lot of viewers, an array of reactions also urged the people to take the polls of good and bad parenting.

The whole fiasco started when the father reprimanded for higher grades and improvement in school for at least three weeks. However, as seen in the video, the obviously disappointed dad ranted about the poor school performance of his son Jason leaving him no choice but to destroy the number one possible cause of distraction, the Xbox. Later on, Jason can be seen grabbing the sledgehammer and pounding into pieces his ultimate priced possession. For a moment, a heart-broken Jason would pause and continue to smash the costly gadget.

Moments later, upon getting to the main hub of entertainment, Jason obviously doesn’t have the heart to break the gadget but insisted that it wasn’t his fault but his teachers’. The next scene whether he did smash the gadget or not remained a mystery as the father quits the filming.

Watch the video:

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With the rising demand and influence of technology, everything is almost touch-based with the epicenter of advancement. However, psychologists believe that rewarding your children a piece of entertainment in an early age would still require parental guidance and close camaraderie to develop self-confidence and independence. It is through the parent’s close monitoring in the early age that their children adapt to various changes and influences.

So whether it was a good or bad parenting, the question remains…would you bestow the same punishment? You decide.

H/T: Viral4Real

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