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Father Asks Strangers For Interesting Random Facts He Could Share With Daughter At Bedtime

Did you know that parents can mail their child through the postal service back in the day?

  • Father asks Redditors for questions to share with his girl during bedtime.
  • Amazingly, he got surprising responses that will blow your mind.
  • Did you know a wombat’s poop is cube-shaped?

Bedtime is a great time to bond with your kid/s. Parents usually tell stories to children or even ask them to review what happened during the day. This sparks little conversations that will soon help the little one fall asleep. For one father, it’s all about sharing tidbits of knowledge to her daughter.

But as time goes by, he ran out of interesting facts to share with his daughter. The beauty about today is that you can simply ask anyone on the Internet and receive awesome responses you would never have expected. That’s what this father actually did.

The dad started asking strangers on Reddit for random facts and he got over 40 responses.

Posting as u/ExpiringFrog on the discussion website, the father turned to strangers for bits of interesting information so bedtime trivia can go on. His post went viral, generating 100k upvotes with more than 20K comments.

He did get the tidbits of knowledge – from Guinea pig ownership law of Switzerland and the interesting shape of a wombat’s poop. Not only was dad covered for all the facts he can give during bedtime but you, as the reader, might also find these entertaining to read.

And parents, you might want to share these awesome facts to your kids as well, just for the fun of it. Prepare to be mindblown!

#1. Some burrowing spider species keep tiny frogs near them to help keep away tiny bugs that might eat its eggs.
#2. Wolves in films sometimes need CGI for their tails because they can’t stop wagging.
#3. Sea otter mom and pup hold each other’s hands while sleeping so they won’t drift away from each other.
#4. England’s Oxford University has been around longer than the Aztecs.
#5. Mammals that lay eggs, like platypuses, don’t have navels or belly buttons.
#6. Humans can actually glow in the dark but our eyes are not able to see the weak light we emit.
#7. Cows get stressed when they are separated from their “best friends.”
#8. A wombat’s poop is shaped like a cube.
#9. A blue whale’s tongue is a lot heavier than most elephants.
#10. During the Austro-Prussian war in 1866, the Lichtenstein army went to war with 80 men. They returned with 81 after befriending an Austrian who joined the group.
#11. The national animal in Scotland is the unicorn.
#12. Arctic is derived from “arktos”, which is Greek for bear. That means Arctic is “Bear” and Antarctic is “Not Bear.”
#13. In Switzerland, it’s illegal to own only one guinea pig. They must at least come in pairs.
#14. When you have a daily routine, dogs know when you’re coming back home by how much of your scent is left in your house.
#15. If you don’t want to have children, you’ll be the first one in your ancestry line to have that decision since about 4 million years ago.
#16. No, that’s not a wheat field, it’s a tiger skin.
#17. Cows love it when they get to solve puzzles.
#18. From the time of Pluto’s discovery to the time that it was reclassified as a dwarf planet, it still hadn’t completed a single trip around the sun.
#19. Adwaita the giant tortoise came to existence even before the U.S in 1750. The reptile died in 2006.
#20. It takes longer for a day to end on Venus than it is for a year. Venus takes a lot longer to completely rotate on its axis than it does around the sun.
#21. Basically, lobsters are roaches of the sea. It is considered a low-class food that feeding them to inmates is considered cruel.
#22. Wooly mammoths were around when the ancient pyramids were being constructed.
#23. If a cat holds its tail upward while approaching you, it means it’s excited to see you.
#24. Bees dancing is their way of telling others that there are good flowers nearby.
#25. A young larva will be fed special honey called “royal jelly,” which will help it develop into the fertile queen bee.
#26. Before 1914, kids can be sent to their grandparents via the postal service – and it’s legal.
#27. Baby pandas are tinier than a mouse at birth.
#28. The vibrations from a cat purr have healing properties. It has shown to improve strength and bone density as well.
#29. Bananas are classified as berries. Strawberries are not.
#30. A pufferfish is not full of air but rather, water.
#31. In Japan, there is an island populated by rabbits.
#32. Moon has a diameter 400 times smaller than the Sun’s. But the Sun is a lot farther, about 400 times than the moon. For this reason, we can witness both solar and lunar total eclipses.
#33. In a certain bank in Italy, parmesan cheese is accepted as collateral.
#34. The pyramids were ancient during Cleopatra’s time.
#35. Sharks have been around way longer than trees.
#36. Cashews are technically not a nut but a seed growing out (instead of in) of the cashew apple.
#37. A blue whale’s heart is the size of a Volkswagen beetle.
#38. Rubberducking is a term programmers use when they explain an issue to a rubber ducky. Often, they arrive at a solution.
#39. Kangaroos can’t walk backwards.
#40. Otters have pockets in their skin where they stuff their favorite rocks.


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