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22 Amazing Facts That Can Uplift Your Mood





Life can get you down. It is no secret that there different types of struggles being faced worldwide by many people and animals. It can help to have a smile or two as inspiration to meet a new day.

If you’re in a rut, having a tough time, or you just woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning, it’s time to turn that frown upside down! Here are are some nice, lovely facts to remind you the world can be a pleasant, beautiful place to live in.

1. To avoid drifting away from each other, sea otters hold paws while sleeping.

2. Mama dolphins sing to their baby while they’re still in their belly.

3. A penguin named Nils Olav was knighted in Norway.

4. Puffins are extremely monogamous. They only mate once.
5. Polar bears rub themselves on the snow to clean their fur.

6. You can exchange your empty bottles to feed stray animals.

7. Male puppies mostly let female puppies win when they play.

8. A cat version of Corgi.

9. Humpback whales protect smaller marine creatures from kil!er whales.

10. Baby elephants suck on their trunks for comfort.
11. Unicorn is Scotland’s national animal.

12. Damselflies form a heart when they mate.

13. Cows have best friends, too.

14. Mickey and Minnie Mouse voice actors were actually married in real life.

15. Marvel made a superhero called “The Blue Ear” support Anthony Smith who has hearing problems.

16. There’s no mosquito in Iceland.

17. Honey doesn’t spoil.

18. Muriquis love to hug.

19. The “9 Nanas” baked goodies for those who are hungry every week for over four decades.

20. To show their gratitude for Canadas help during WWII, the Netherlands sends them 20,000 tulip bulbs every year.

21. Young goats pick up accents from other goats.

22. According to physics, we are made of stardust.

Which one is the most “awww” worthy for you?

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