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Family Plays Invisible Prank On Poor Little Girl, Who Completely Loses It





Playing a prank on someone to make them think they’re invisible seems to be the latest craze. It all started when one man decided to play this creative prank on a stranger. As expected, the prank went viral and paved way for the invisible sibling challenge.

One older sister decided to take on the challenge and play the prank on her younger sister, making her think she’s been turned invisible. The whole family was in on it and it was pretty convincing.

Be careful when you wish you want to be invisible…

As a kid, some people may have wished to become invisible. There are many things you can do when nobody sees you. You can pass up on chores or even play a prank on someone and still get away with it. The younger sibling in the video may have agreed to become invisible as she willingly sat on the chair for her sister to work on her “magic.”

But what happens next is terrifying for the younger sister. Soon enough, she started to believe that the sister really managed to successfully make her unseen.

The family was in on it and you have to admit, they are very convincing. We have to give credit to Mom – she has superb acting skills.

Everyone in the room made the young girl believe she has become invisible.

Once the younger sibling realizes no one in the family “can see her”, she loses it completely. Instead of embracing her new invisible status like this kid in the previous story, she was screaming in terror. It would be lonely when you’re the only person who’s invisible. She must have realized she can no longer be physically present for her family.

The prank is extremely cruel and hilarious at the same time. Looks like everyone had fun – except maybe for the prank victim.

Watch the video below.

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