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Facebook Knows a Lot About You, And Here’s How You Can Find Out

You will be surprised with some key information the site knows about you.


In this digital age, information can be easily transferred and acquired. Everything is handed out on the Internet. If you want to know a certain place or event, you Google it. If you want to connect with someone, you can use Email and other messaging apps. And if you want to socialize online, there is Facebook.

Apparently, there are things you do not know about Mark Zuckerberg’s social media site. The main gist is that it knows a lot about you, thanks to the information you provided and usage habits. This includes which computer and/or mobile devices you are logged, the ads you clicked, your political opinions, and other personal information such as birthdate.

It is worth noting that some of this information is provided by you. However, most of it is based on the interactions (i.e. likes, comments, shares) you did while using Facebook. No need to fret, though. There is a way for you to find out what Facebook knows about you. Just scroll down.

Go to “Settings” and Click “Ads”

This basically where you will see a compilation of what the site knows about you. This could be your interests, advertisers you interacted with, or pages you liked, among many others. Just remember that you can always tweak the preferences and turn off internet-based ads. You can also control who can see your ad interactions whatsoever.

Facebook Knows the Stuff You Are Likely to Interact With

In a sense, it has an algorithm that enables it to determine the things you are very likely to interact. This is simply based on your interests. If you are fond of watching movies, for instance, you are going to see ads from online streaming services like Netflix. If you switch the tabs, you will find out that the site also knows stuff that you did not even share. It might say there that you like Merino sweaters, but you know yourself that you never shared this information through it.

It Can Determine Your Political Party

Oh, yes, this is very true – and there is a reason why Facebook got involved in a controversy revolving around vote manipulations. But, for now, let us tread lightly. The site automatically shows you the political party it thinks you are a member of. If you want to find yours, simply tap the “Lifestyle and Culture” tab which is in your interests.

Your Habit is Very Much Known, Too

Among Facebook’s goal is provide key information to its advertisers. This might be based on your employment, relationship status, education, age and more. Truth is, the site knows because you have provided this information when setting up your profile. However, it is capable of determining either you are using a 3G or 4G connection and your preferred browser. Facebook does this to help advertisers reach their target market or people likely to buy and use their service or product.

It Knows Your Location and the Phone or Computer Used

If you access the “Security and Login” tab, you will know where you are logged in and on what phone or computer. The site also knows the places where you logged. Kind of creepy, right?

Facebook Knows the Ads You Clicked

Yes, it exactly knows the ads you click on a regular basis. Facebook does this to better target new ads to you and other users. If you have click ads for iPhone, then expect to see stuff related to it.

Above All, It Knows What You Did Years Ago

Go to the “On This Day” option (just under the “Explore” tab) and you will see what you were up to years ago. And this includes the things that you did not post. Facebook compiles all this information from you and other users, so you can access them in the future. Even the photos you hide in privacy cannot escape.

Just remember that these activities are only possible once you own a Facebook account. You basically abide by its Terms and Agreement, something that you approve once you set up a profile. Once you do, you are giving Facebook the authority to access this information. If you find it creepy or something, you always have the option to deactivate your account.


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