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Largest Ever Rare Giant Squid Seen Swimming Alongside a Boat in Japan!





A group of Japanese spectators got a real treat when an incredibly rare giant squid swam next to their boat’s moorings in Toyama Bay, which is located at Japan’s west coast. This 13-foot (almost 4 meters) Architeuthis squid, was said to be the largest ever recorded by scientists.

It looks real scary up close!


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It measures 13 feet long and weighs around a ton…


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This extremely elusive squid, which lives deep underwater, is rarely seen alive. According to the Ocean Portal, this type of gigantic squid are normally found dead washed up on beaches or floating on the ocean’s surface.

It lives deep underwater and usually reclusive…


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The huge creature was seen swimming in the populated harbor, which drew a crowd of onlookers looking on at wonder and disbelief at the incredible sight. A man in diving attire jumped into the water to get a closer look at the squid.

A man was brave enough to get up close and personal with the massive squid…


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Watch the video to see the squid in motion:

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The Architeuthis squid has an estimated life span of up to five years, which can explain its rapid growth. It will only reproduce once during its short life.

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