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19 Most Expensive Substances In the World and How Much They Cost

You know the saying “worth their weight in gold?” Well, there are other substances out there that are rarer and more expensive than gold!


There are some things around us that don’t necessarily strike us as expensive mostly because we see them in small quantities. However, when weighed by the gram, these substances can be actually extremely expensive.

Take these examples:

19. White truffles – $5 per gram or $2,000 per pound

19. White truffles - $5 per gram or $2,000 per pound

These mushrooms taste delectable over pasta, steak, eggs, and other food. They can be infused into oil, too.

18. Saffron – $11.13 per gram or $5,040 per pound

18. Saffron - $11.13 per gram or $5,040 per pound

Source: NDTV

They’re used as natural remedies or as a spice.

17. Iranian Beluga Caviar – $35 per gram or $1,000 per ounce

17. Iranian Beluga Caviar - $35 per gram or $1,000 per ounce

We all know caviar is expensive, but this type of caviar comes from an endangered specie.

16. Gold – $39.81 per gram

16. Gold - $39.81 per gram

We use them for jewelry as well as for electrical conductors to fight off corrosion.

15. Rhodium – $45 per gram or $1,270 per ounce

15. Rhodium - $45 per gram or $1,270 per ounce

It’s the substance in your car that helps reduce carbon emissions.

14. Platinum – $48 per gram or $1,365 per ounce

14. Platinum - $48 per gram or $1,365 per ounce

They’re used as catalysts in scientific experiments, as jewelry, and as an ingredient in anti-cancer medicine.

13. Rhino horn – $55 per gram or $25,000 per pound

13. Rhino horn - $55 per gram or $25,000 per pound

They’re RUMORED to cure cancer, as well as treat fevers and other illnesses.

12. Creme de la Mer – $70 per gram or $2,000 an ounce


This beauty cream is said to make the skin look youthful.

11. High quality heroin – $110 per gram

11. High quality heroin - $110 per gram

Source: Brad Enton

An addictive opiate that can be injected, snorted, or smoked.


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