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8 Everyday Habits and the Secrets They Tell About Your Personality





It cannot be denied that each person has his/her own preferences and everyday rituals in life. Although they differ from one another, we rarely see them as habits. Rather, we see them as everyday ordinary actions that do not mean anything. Scientists, however, beg to differ.

They believe that these actions are connected to an individual’s personality. More importantly, they tell about parts of his/her personalities that he/she tries to hide. To help you better understand, we at Elite Readers compiled a list of seven common habits as well as the secrets they reveal. We believe that somehow, in one way or another, it will help you identify which people are fake and genuine.

#1. Organic Food

It is a reality that people who barely eat harmful food – as they choose healthier stuff – tend to judge others. They are even less altruistic and can be quite subjective at times. Research suggests that people who think they are doing well usually believe that they have the right to be unethical. Take for example individuals who love organic food. They think that since they are eating a much healthier meal they are much better than those who do not.

#2. Tanning Booths

Source: NBC

Although not everyone, most people are aware of the negative effects of tanning. This eventually led to the decrease in the popularity of tanning booths. Apparently, there are still individuals who visit them from time to time. Scientists claim that the urge to tan under the artificial sunlight reveals that people, in some ways, have addictions. In fact, these people are likely to have the possibility of becoming alcoholics.

#3. Cold Shower

It is believed that changing the temperature of the water in the shower room is a way to make up for emotional warmth. The more you spend time in a warm shower, the more you will feel lonely. For those who love taking cold showers, though, they are either stubborn or egocentric. More importantly, they are not the types that love the opinions of others.

#4. Reusable Shopping Bags

Source: Warner Bros.

This fabric shopping bags made people happy, as they significantly replace paper and/or plastic bags. But according to scientists, customers who buy fabric bags think that doing so will make them care about the environment. And because of that, they already have the right to buy something tasty albeit unhealthy.

#5. E-Mails

Source: Looken

It is quite surprising really. That is because a person’s mailbox can tell a lot about his/her personality. For those who love to ignore messages, they are the ones who love to keep things under control. If they rarely delete messages after reading, then they feel the need for a sense of security. As for those who love to ignore messages completely, they are a bit more intelligent. For them, reading these messages or letters is senseless as they will not give anything useful.

#6. Social Media Likes

Facebook likes are not just about distinguishing a person’s political view, religious belief, go-to food, sexual orientation, and intelligence level, among others. These are also a form of “slacktivism” and a sign of laziness. That liking something with just a click of the mouse enables them to save time. To put it simply, they are not fond of putting forth any effort at all.

#7. Bitter Food

We all know someone who likes and loves coffee, whether there is sugar or cream. But people who love drinking pure black coffee have higher chances of having some psychological disorders. And mind you, these disorders can be likened to ones that serial killers have. A taste for bitter foods or drinks is a sign that an individual is a psychopath.

#8. Toilet Paper

Oh, yes, this is very true. That way you place your toilet paper actually tells a lot about your personality. If the roll is over, it means that you are likely to be dominant in any relationship. People see you as a leader, though you really have the skills to back up their trust. If the roll is under, then it means that you are submissive. Rather than being a leader, you are comfortable being a follower – a good follower, that is.

Which of these habits do you have?

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