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The First Animal You See Reveals a Lot About Your Personality

Got mine and it’s pretty accurate!


Psychology has taught us that personality has different “statistically-identified factors,” which are collectively called the Big Five. These are experience, extraversion, conscientiousness, neuroticism, and agreeableness. To simply put it, personality is composed of various traits that come together. No matter how varied they can be, they’re all unique and different from one person to another.

Apparently, there’s a central trait that’s commonly known as primary trait. This basically characterizes an individual’s overall attitude and behavior. More importantly, it determines the kind of persona you have, as well as how you act or behave in a very specific situation. It’s worth-noting that your personality trains your mind to view things the way you want them to appear exactly. It’s a trick, yes, but it’s in no way harmful. It’s just how it works.

Below is an illustration that best describes how personality works and how your mind does the trick. All of these, in one way or another, are based on your own unique personality.

Now, what animal do you see first?

Source: Meaww

To give you an idea what your answer means, scroll down below.

#1. Stallion

Source: Meaww

If it’s the stallion that you see first, then you’re likely an ambitious person. You’re wild, free and raw, and you’re always driven to succeed. For you, it’s all about being able to do things according to your will. Interestingly, you never shy from a day’s work and you’re definitely not the person to back out from a fight. You’re honest and driven.

#2. Rooster

Source: Meaww

If it’s the rooster you see, then it means that you have perseverance as your primary characteristic. Remember: a rooster will never be meek when it comes to standard. It’s quick, persistent, and smart. Even with its small body, it’s able to conquer even the hardest of obstacles. Roosters are known to be fierce creatures. You may look harmless, but your willingness to fight will never be questioned.

#3. Crab

Source: Meaww

The crab is all about being hard on the outside and soft from the inside. If this is what you see, then you share the same personality with this living creature. Crabs are well-known for its loyalty. So if you look deep inside you, you’ll know that you’re always loyal in whatever circumstances. The wellness of your loved ones is your top priority more than yours. You even find it hard to think of betraying a person, as you give so much importance about trust.

#4. Praying Mantis

Source: Meaww

When it comes to being a master of senses and patience, no one can beat the praying mantis. It can keep itself still for hours, without getting impatient. For this insect, it’s all about waiting for the right time to catch its prey.

Seeing the praying mantis first means having strong instincts. It’s always your inner voice that guides you from time to time. You’re also in-touch with your primal self, a thing that’s rare to people. You always rely on your guts and, more often than not, you succeed. Just like the mantis, you’re a master of your own domain – there’s a fighting spirit within you that keeps you going.

#5. Wolf

Source: Meaww

This one here is a lone warrior that walks in a pack. Wolves are best known for living in a pack. But believe it or not, they’re also lonely creatures. They often wander the wilderness alone, but make no mistake – they’re still fierce and fearless. If this is the first creature you see, then your inner self is just similar to a wolf. Sure, you may walk with a crowd, but it’s always your personality that stands out. Being a wolf means two things: exhilarating experience and loneliness. But no matter what, you’re built to handle these things.

#6. Dog

Source: Meaww

Almost everyone knows the traits associated to a dog: brave, loyal, selfless, and protective. Apparently, though, only a few of people in this world embody these traits. If you see a dog, then rest assured you’re among these handful of people. You can always be loyal, but you can also be fierce at the same time. And while you’re selfless and loving, you can likewise be protective and playful. You’re even loved by almost everyone who had the opportunity to know you!

#7. Eagle

Source: Meaww

Seeing the eagle first means having the traits of a wild and free person. Think of yourself as one of the ultimate predators in all of nature. You’re focused and determined. You’re always driven towards what you want and what you dream of. When it comes to decision making, you rarely waver. And once you’re eyes are set on something, you’ll always do your best to achieve it.

#8. Butterfly

Source: Meaww

When talking about beauty and change, it’s the butterfly that can best symbolize them. Before becoming a full-blown creature with wings, it sits as a cocoon. This process alone projects nature’s pure creation. Seeing the butterfly first means you reflect the same traits. You’re flexible. You’re able to change yourself based on what the current situation needs. You always have the guts to do the things that are of utmost importance. While you may find it hard to escape the ugly pictures of the past (represented by the cocoon), you’ll later develop into a beautiful person (butterfly), thanks to these hardships.

#9. Dove

Source: Meaww

According to Meaww, dove is a symbol of eternal love and, more importantly, peace. As a dove, you’re a person with a wise soul. You’re always calm and patient, regardless of how pressurizing things can be. You’ve taught yourself to embrace peace and you continue to nurture this as each day passes by. While attaining true peace from within is a very difficult thing to achieve, you have the potential to do so. You’re even capable of doing it even with less effort from your side. Furthermore, people see you as a walking symbol of hope.


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