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10 Essential Tips For When You Go On A Vacation Alone

Sometimes, travelling alone is way much better than having to travel with a group of friends. There’s no lag and waiting time to think of.

Travelling with someone can be stressful. There’s the problem of having to share a room together, deciding where to eat, and having to wait on each other when you would rather start early on touring the area. The solution to this is simple. Travel solo.

Trust us, you’ll be enjoying your vacay more when you go at it alone. We asked travel experts for tips on how to make the most of your solo trip so you don’t feel bored:

#1. Lay off social media

Lay off social media

Source: C.M. Keiner

How are you supposed to see the world if you’re constantly hanging on your phone, taking photos of what you ate for lunch and posting them on your Instagram? When on vacation, stop going online. Besides, nobody really cares if you had pizza at the hotel cafe.

#2. Connect with friends of friends

Connect with friends of friends

There’s a big possibility that your friends would know friends at the destination you’re headed to. They can probably give you a few tips or suggestions where the cool places are that you should visit while you’re there.

#3. The first person you meet does not know of your destination

The first person you meet does not know of your destination

And the first person you will probably meet is a cab driver. So while he may know the ins and outs of the city, you don’t necessarily take his word for it if he tells you that McDonalds happens to be the best resto in the city. Because, hello, it’s not.

#4. Use your Tinder account

Use your Tinder account

Source: Bruno

This dating app isn’t just for hooking up. It’s also useful for asking locals for tips, and the best watering holes in town.

#5. Choose restos with communal tables

Choose  restos with communal tables

Source: Kevin Harber

The easiest way to make friends is to share a table at a restaurant or a cafe. Strike up a conversation with the locals and get suggestions on the best sights in the area that are must-sees.

#6. Be flexible with your sked

Be flexible with your sked

A little spontaneity always helps. You wouldn’t want to miss that chance of having dinner with that cute and rich Italian dude who would have toured the Caribbean with you in his yacht just because you wanted to strictly follow that 8:30am dinner at the cafe across the street.

#7. Check out local activities you might like


Sure, there’s a fitness center at the hotel you’re staying at. But wouldn’t it be better if you took a yoga class or a dance class at the local gym instead? Go enjoy a round of basketball or soccer at the park even! You get to meet more people that way, instead of staying cooped up in the hotel.

#8. Don't bring a camera

Don't bring a camera

The reason is simple enough. Capture the memories in your mind. They’re worth it more than the photos you will be taking. Trust us.

#9. Don't give out too much info

Don't give out too much info

Source: Anne Wuyts

This is actually a no-brainer. Never give away personal information to a bunch of locals, most especially where you live. Lie if you have to.

#10. Ask around for the bet bars

Ask around for the bet bars

Source: Andy

Sometimes, the stuff you read on the internet may no longer be up to date. If possible, ask the bartender where they’d go for a drink.


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