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13 Safe Destinations Around the World for the Solo Female Traveler

Women should never be afraid to travel alone. These countries are safe vacation destinations for females who would like to go on a solo adventure.


Traveling is a great way to discover new things about other people, their culture and of oneself. It’s a good way to invest in yourself if you want to enrich your personality- which is especially true if you are traveling solo.

The idea of solo traveling, however, tends to make some women reluctant because of the many possible dangers that can happen. The world isn’t exactly a safe place for anyone, more so for women, which is why traveling can be a problem.

To help the female population enjoy the benefits of solo traveling, we’ve collated some vacation destinations that are safe for the female traveler.

Now pack your bags and go!

1. Iceland

Source: Moyann Brenn

Source: Moyann Brenn

The land of ice and fire, Iceland is one of the top picks for safe destinations for the solo female traveler. The atmosphere is relaxed and the people are friendly. The environment is absolutely breathtaking that photos are a must! Reykjavik has a thriving nightlife and going home is not a problem. You can hike a glacier, go snorkeling or even bathe in a lagoon. The choice of activity to pursue is endless.

2. Canada

Source: Victor

Canada is home to the friendliest people on earth. Canadians are very warm and amiable that it makes any solo traveler feel at ease. This is why Canada is a great country to try first if you’re a female solo traveler. Just don’t forget to pack for the cold weather!

3. New Zealand

Source: Cat Burton

The amazing landscapes of New Zealand are famous among tourists and even the locals. If you love adventure, you can try paragliding, fly in a sightseeing plane, go hiking through the famous Routeburn track and a whole lot more.

4. The Scandinavian trio – Denmark…

… Norway…

… and Sweden!

Denmark, Sweden and Norway are all safe destinations for female tourists. The rich culture, not to mention the jaw-dropping art and architecture of these Scandinavian countries are something to look forward to. Also, Denmark is considered the happiest country in the world.

5. Thailand

Source: M M

Source: ccdoh1

Tourists who are visiting Thailand rarely have any issues or problems when in the country because it is another safe vacation destination. There are several affordable resorts in the area where you can get yourself some much-needed pampering.

6. Costa Rica

Source: Sumurai8

The beaches of Costa Rica are famous among female travelers. The pristine and tranquil waters will surely get you relaxed.

7. Ireland

Source: ohlovelylies

The Irish are not the type of people to disturb you, especially if you are alone or would like a bit of privacy. Enjoy their famous black beer and visit the countryside for the experience.

8. The Netherlands

Source: Tom Jutte

Source: Tom Jutte

Amsterdam is known for its relaxed and chill lifestyle. While the country has a bit of notoriety, solo travelers are still safe here. Don’t forget to enjoy a bike ride along the streets and the flower fields and take a selfie.

9. Bali

Bali is another famous destination for tourists, especially among backpackers and solo travelers. Enjoy the temples, exotic food, exciting nightlife and amazing beach resorts. If you’re traveling on a budget, Bali is the place to go!

10. Singapore

Source: Kai Lehmann

Singapore is the second safest country in Asia, with Japan in the top spot. It is famous for its modern and fast-paced lifestyle. You can navigate yourself through the streets easily, as you enjoy the sights, food and attractions of Singapore. A word of warning though, Singapore can be expensive.

11. South Korea

A small yet beautiful country, South Korea is a very friendly nation. Its culture, wonderful wildlife even the high-tech basics make for a great trip to this destination. Take advantage of the very affordable prices when traveling to South Korea while they still are.

12. Austria

Source: Viktor K

Enjoy the Alps or discover skiing while in Austria. The country is another safe European destination any female traveler will love. If you happen to fancy art, intricate architecture and coffee, a solo trip to Austria is a must.

13. Bhutan

Female travelers are treated with respect in Bhutan. The locals are very accommodating and willing to help. If you are on a budget and would like to experience solitude, traveling to Bhutan should be your first choice.


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