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Escobar’s Submarine With Missing £50 Billion Fortune “Found” Off The Coast of Colombia

Escobar’s submarines could carry up to ‘up to 2,000 kilograms of cocaine.’


Notorious cartel chief Pablo Escobar was certainly the master of hiding his cash and drugs to avoid being detected by the authorities. During his heydey, Escobar used every channel possible via land and air. Turns out he is not above smuggling his illegal cargo through the deep blue sea. Recently, two former CIA agents reported that they found one of the submarines used by Escobar for smuggling.

The submarine reportedly contains Escobar’s missing £50 billion fortune. Ex-agents Ben Smith and Doug Laux have been working hard to find the Colombian drug lord’s missing money.

They have been talking to loaders of the said submarine to dig more information.

Source: youtube

According to the loaders, the submarine would arrive at 1 am, in which they would start to feel nervous. This is understandable, given that it’s Escobar’s cargo they are dealing with. Apparently, Escobar used the submarines to expand his operations and also as a means to escape law enforcement when things get too hot.

The men offered to take Smith and Laux to the site where the submarine would appear on the ocean’s surface.

Escobar’s submarines could carry up to ‘up to 2,000 kilograms of cocaine’ into the waters off the coast of Puerto Rico, according to the YouTube video ‘Diving For The Wreck of Escobar’s Submarine,’ which was posted by Discovery UK. The loaders would then transfer the drugs into the waiting speedboats which will take the cargo to Miami, Florida.

Magnetic signals were used to find out if there’s anything interest around the submarine. The scan revealed a ‘jump in the readings’ in areas where the water isn’t clear.

The agents dived into the waters to explore what’s within the submarine.

Armed with underwater cameras, they found a box and lots of metal.

To their disappointment, they didn’t find the money or drugs they were looking for. The ex-agents concluded that the wreckage may have moved due to the shifting seabed. They still hope to find what they are seeking within the vicinity.

Possibly the most famous drug lord in the world, Pablo Escobar earned a reported £320 million A WEEK during the 80s.


He was believed to have supplied ’80 percent of cocaine to the United States.’ He was killed by drug enforcement agents in Colombia in 1993; he got shot in the leg and torso before he took a bullet through the ear. He tried to elude the authorities by escaping over the rooftops, but he and his bodyguard were both killed.

Escobar’s life story inspired the Netflix hit series Narcos, which also featured the role of Steve Murphy and Javier Pena, the two American drug enforcement agents, in the successful manhunt for Escobar.

Watch the video of how they explored the submarine:

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New Study Says Human Parasites, Not Rats, Spread The Bubonic Plague

Rats suffered a bad rap on the spread of the Black Death plaque, not until now.

The Black Death plague that came to Europe in the 14th century erased 60 percent of the population. The pandemic, which was considered one of the worst in human history, took the lives of tens of millions of people during outbreaks that occurred for 500 years.

The classic explanation says it was caused by the bacteria called Yersinia pestis, which made rats, gerbils or other rodents their hosts. The bacteria thrived on rodents and fleas bit them. They then jumped unto humans and feasted on their victims.

Rats suffered a bad rap for spreading the Black Death that wiped out a third of the European population.

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10 Strange Cases of People Who Rose From the Dead

Being buried alive is probably the worst thing that could ever happen to you.

History is rich with stories about dead people who awoke in their coffins. Take for example Margorie McCall, who, according to an Irish Legend, was called the Lady with the Ring. He reportedly died of fever in 1705 and was quickly buried six feet under, as people wanted to prevent her sickness from spreading. But on the evening of her burial, some snatchers dug her up, hoping to steal her expensive ring and sell her body.

Apparently, Margorie woke up and let out a loud scream as one of the snatchers tried to cut her finger off. One account suggests that the shocked robbers died on the very spot she was buried, though some say that they fled and never raided another dead body again.

Well here are 10 more stories of people who, in some ways, found a way to rise from the dead.

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The Sad Story of the Filipino Slave Known As The “Painted Prince”

In the late 1600s, an unfortunate Filipino slave with intricate tattoos was brought to England and became known as the “Painted Prince.”

In the late 1600s, a Filipino slave caused quite a sensation when he arrived in England. The Filipino was given the name "Prince Giolo." People also called him the "Painted Prince" because his body was adorned with intricate tattoos. However, the man didn't exactly live like royalty. In fact, he was treated like a freak and dismissed as a savage.

As it turns out, the Filipino slave wasn't really named Prince Giolo. His real name was said to be Jeoly. His journey to England wasn't by choice. He was a victim of circumstance and other people's greed.

Miangas was once called "Palmas Island."

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