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Teen Gets Hailed as ‘Hero’ for Holding An Umbrella Over Elderly Man During Hailstorm





It’s always heartwarming when he hear about simple acts of kindness, particularly when its done by a stranger. In this case, the good deed came from a humble 14-year-old boy who decided to rush into a hailstorm so he can hold an umbrella over an elderly man’s head.

Now he’s getting a lot of internet love and is being hailed as a hero by numerous netizens – and we think that he very much deserves it!

Elvis Ingersoll, 14, has been praised as a ‘hero’ by many after his photos and video went viral online.

Elvis Ingersoll works at Gracie’s, their family-owned restaurant in California. While at the place, he spotted an old man, one of their regular customers, crossing the street during a hailstorm. So without even thinking twice, he rushed outside and brought an umbrella to shield him.

In a Mirror article, we read that Ken Ingresoll, Elvis’ dad, said that his son immediately grabbed the umbrella and ran outside.

He shared:

“The hailstorm lasted only four or five minutes at the most. He could not have gotten caught at a worse time.”

Now his son is a social media sensation after the tender moment was captured on film.

Ken commented:

“It’s weird how things happen. Things have to line up just perfectly for that even to happen and for that event to be recorded.

“The attention that this getting is inspiring, especially with today’s media.

“Too often the attention goes toward such negative events which I think encourages people to do negative things.

“If Elvis going out there with an umbrella to hold over the man during a hailstorm encourages people to do similar acts of kindness, then we are all (winners).”

Watch the heartwarming video here:

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The video was taken and shared online by Rick Buenaventura, another regular restaurant customer.

In the Love Matters Facebook page, he wrote:

“It was a wonderful moment I captured.”

A netizen commented:

“Fine young man right there! Such a nice, nice thing to do. Seeing posts like this does the heart good. Well done Elvis Ingersoll.”

Another said:

“Good kids are still around they just don’t seem to be seen by the internet. As are good, decent adults.”

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