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Despite Being Worth $20.9 Billion, Elon Musk Still Can’t Find A Lasting Relationship

“I’m not looking for a one-night stand. I’m looking for a serious companion or soulmate. I never want to be alone.”

Mark Andrew





If a guy is worth billions, it would be easy to imagine that he can always get anything he wants, right? Well actually, that’s not always the case. As we can all see in the story below, even billionaires like Elon Musk have a hard time finding real, lasting love.

Now 46, the rich business magnate and inventor has already married thrice in his life – twice to the same woman. He has also dated Hollywood star Amber Heard but so far, he hasn’t found himself an enduring relationship.

Money can’t buy him love: He is worth $20.9 billion but Elon Musk remains lonely.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, the Tesla and SpaceX bigwig confessed:

“If I’m not in love, if I’m not with a long-term companion, I cannot be happy. I will never be happy without having someone.

“Going to sleep alone kills me. It’s not like I don’t know what that feels like: being in a big empty house, and the footsteps echoing through the hallway, no one there – and no one on the pillow next to you. F**k. How do you make yourself happy in a situation like that?”

Like many of us, breakups also affect his productivity.

During the launch of Tesla Model 3, Musk couldn’t help but talk about his breakup with Heard.

He told journalist Neil Strauss:

“I just broke up with my girlfriend. I was really in love and it hurt bad. Well, she broke up with me more than I broke up with her, I think. I’ve been in severe emotional pain.

“It took every ounce of will to be able to do the Model 3 event and not look like the most depressed guy around. I had to psych myself up, drink a couple of Red Bulls, then tell myself: ‘I have all these people depending on me. All right, do it!'”

No, he doesn’t want short-lived romances and one-night stands.

As Musk further went on:

“It’s so hard for me to even meet people. I’m looking for a long-term relationship. I’m not looking for a one-night stand.

“I’m looking for a serious companion or soulmate. When I was a child there’s one thing I said: ‘I never want to be alone’.”

Elon Musk married Canadian author Justine Wilson in 2000. They had 6 children together and divorced in 2008.

After that, he tied the knot with actress talulah Riley in 2010 and they divorced in 2012.

The couple married the second time in 2013, only to divorce again the following year.

He also had a year-long relationship with actress Amber Heard.

Sources claim it was because of the couple’s “conflicting schedules” that they decided to go separate ways.



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