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This Sweet-Looking 11-Year-Old Girl Is Actually A Badass Olympic Weightlifter





If you are not impressed with what this little kid can do, I really don’t know what else will.

You see, Elle Hatamiya is an 11-year-old girl from California who, despite her tender age, is already an Olympic weightlifter. She holds the title of being the USAW (United States of America Weighlifting) National Champion.

Mindblowing, right?

Well aside from that, Elle is also an amazing gymnast in her own right who has won the State Champion on Beam and Floor for Level 5 Gymnastics. In her spare time, she does Cuong Nhu, a type of martial arts that originated in Vietnam.

Despite being young, Elle Hatamiya, 11, is already an USAW (USA Weightlifting) National Champion.

elle hatamiya weightlifter 1

Currently, the young athlete has around 15,000 followers on Instagram.

elle hatamiya weightlifter 2

Given her remarkable talents and awesome achievements, it’s really easy to understand why the kid has around 15,000 followers on Instagram, with her mom managing the account.

Elle is also a skilled level 5 gymnast who won the State Champion for Beam and Floor.

elle hatamiya weightlifter 4

elle hatamiya weightlifter 3

We all couldn’t help but wonder what she will become in the years ahead since, you know, she’s still so young and has so much ahead of her. Will she be a future CrossFit champion, maybe? Your guess is as good as ours!

Watch this video here and see Elle in action:

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Well that’s just fantastic! And that’s coming from me, a 30-something guy, who’s still struggling to come up with a regular exercise schedule. Let’s all bury our heads in shame and just admire this young lady as she does her thing. She’s just so strong and so full of determination!

In case you’re interested to follow Elle’s adventures on Instagram, you may click here.

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