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Tense Moment Curious Elephant Says Hello to Terrified Motorcycle Riders





Elephants are big but really cute animals. They are usually the main attraction at zoos because it is not every day that people can see[ such big animals.

They are a delight to observe, especially because they seem so cool, calm and collected. However, suddenly seeing an elephant on the road while on a motorcycle is a different case and definitely not an instant joy!

In Thailand a motorcycle rider named Teerawong and a companion were casually driving down Khao Yai National Park when the huge animal appeared out of nowhere. The duo screamed due to shock but remained composed as they leave the motorcycle for the elephant to marvel.

Another car pulls up and together, they observed and took pictures of the calm elephant checking out the motorcycle.

Elephants, although usually calm, may also have the tendency to be ferocious. The experience of these bikers must be truly unforgettable. Watch the video here and let us know what you think!


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