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Elderly Man’s Heartwarming Instagram Puts All Other Instagram Husbands to Shame

His posts can definitely make you go, ‘Aw!’






Instagram has become quite a competitive platform. In order to stand out, go viral, and gain tons of followers, users have to offer something really engaging and eye-catching. Sometimes, it can mean sharing something outrageous. Other times, it’s as simple as showing sincerity and truth through pictures.

Take, for example, the Instagram account of an elderly man named Geoffrey Walker (@geoffreywalk), also known as the sweetest man on Instagram.

George Walker has one of the sweetest and most heartwarming Instagram accounts.

First cup of tea outside this winter

Twitter user @LaurenSkell tweeted about Walker’s account, and a lot of other netizens were inspired by the man’s posts. Her tweet has since been shared thousands of times. She wrote:

“This old man I know always posts insta’s of his wife and they’re so sweet bless him??”

Walker posts photos of his beloved wife, and they’re making everyone go, ‘Aw!’

It’s time for elevenses

Walker now currently has several thousand Instagram followers. Not bad, right? According to his Instagram bio, he’s:

Always looking for my next challenge ??Loughborough university alumni member, president of Moira Male Voice Choir.?? Author and songwriter

Walker also likes to post family photos and videos, plus inspiring quotes.

Today is my daughter Julie and Andrews 40th wedding anniversary??

It’s the sincerity and pure love that emanates from this elderly man’s posts that has made him such a hit to a lot of Instagram users. Plus, his photography isn’t bad, too! Even the blurry shots are so endearing.

See more of Walker’s heartwarming Instagram posts certainly worthy of a double-tap below:

‘Pauline had good results from the hospital so it was lunch out at St Josephs’

‘Pauline in Thringstone pantomime 1978….’

‘It all starts again tonight January 20th 7-30pm tickets on the door.
All dates and times’

’65 years ago today at Bagworth church, and still going strong ???’

‘I have no words’

‘We love these scamps ??’

‘Pauline ready for a night out with the ladies yes of course she has made her clothes ❤️❤️’

‘Melbourne 4 years ago, true still wearing the same hat ??’

Clearly, this elderly man is a proof that courtship should continue in marriage even when a couple reaches the so-called golden years.

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Heavily-Tattooed Guy Hailed As Hero After Saving Two Little Girls From Suspicious Man

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'Viper' MacDonald and his son were out one day when they spotted a man who was suspiciously loitering around two young girls. The two children were playing in the Hallglen Park in Falkirk, Scotland when the suspect “cycled over to them and asked for help looking for his jacket,” a Daily Mail article reported.

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Ferruccio Lamborghini owned a tractor company called Lamborghini Trattori S.p.A., which manufactured tractors from hardware obtained from the military. Car engines have always been his expertise. In fact, he was known as a wizard when it comes to fixing engines and mechanical improvisation when he worked as mechanics corps for the Air Force during the second world war.

As narrated in Today I Found Out, when the war ended, Lamborghini put up a small motorcycle and car repair shop somewhere in northern Italy. Initially, he wanted to purchase surplus military machines and then remodel them into tractors. At that time, Lamborghini lived in an agricultural area where such vehicles were in demand.

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Doctors in Hubei province suggested that Zou Hongyan give up the baby instead.

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