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Elderly Couples Talk About Love in a Disco Club. You Will Never Guess What They Had to Say.





Age, they say, is just a number. This holds true especially for elderly couples who still uphold the young love they used to have up until now. True love is a test of time, space, and trials through the years. And if couples are able to withstand all the trials that come their way, it is surely one great love.

This heartwarming short film, entitled “Young Love” features three couples, who after being together for a number of years, still feel the same, undying love they have for each other since they first met. Every Monday, they would attend the seniors’ disco by DJ Michael Borge in the Berlin Steglitz, to groove to the music, and show once and for all that true love is not just a one-time fluke, but a lifetime commitment of passion, friendship, and trust.

Watch as Hans (79) & Edith (76), Ellen (84) & Horst (77), and Ralf & Kristin (both 73) take their love to the dancefloor.

Source: Vimeo via Twisted Sifter

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