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Elderly Woman Volunteers To Dance On The Streets And Does The Unbelievable!





Most people think that as their age advances, the slimmer their chances are at achieving their wildest dreams. It makes sense because the body grows weak and the things we do becomes limited as time passes.

In this video we found, a street dancer in Madrid was filmed inviting passersby to dance with him. Some obliged and in the middle of one of the dances, an old lady with a cane was seen walking to the performers. She looks as if she wants to dance because her eyes were longing.

The people asked her to give it a try but said that she had arthritis. When she finally mustered the guts, she approached the dancer, who suggested that they dance a slow dance. At first, the number looks boring and really slow, but in a turn of events, the two break out into a very energetic salsa!

The dancer threw and spun the old lady all over and it was amazing! Watch the video here:

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It turns out the two dancers were Britain’s Got Talent former contestants, Sarah “Paddy”Jones and Nico Espinosa. When the two auditioned for the show, Simon Cowell buzzed them immediately. But after that move, the two began to dance acrobatic salsa, which made Simon’s jaw dropped.

Jones, 81, is from Gandia, Spain. She holds the the Guinness World Record for the oldest acrobatic salsa dancer. She began dancing when she was just two and a half years old but stopped when she got married. When her husband died, she returned to her passion and met Nico, her dance instructor.

When asked why they made the recent video, they said they want to send a message to the world that “age is just a mental state.”

“Every older person has great potential, and we should not treat them as if they are good for nothing.”

We salute Jones for living her dreams no matter how old she is. It just goes to show that nothing can ever keep us from chasing whatever we set our mind into doing. After all, as Jones said at the end of the video, “We are young!”

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Source: Antena 3 via San Francisco Globe

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