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7 Easy Tricks That Will Help You Save More Money

#6 could take some practice but it’s definitely worth it!

Nobelle Borines





Saving money can be a daunting task. Although some of us have no problem putting away a pretty penny for a rainy day, most people still need help with our savings. Luckily, there are easy ways to trick yourself into saving for the future.

Putting away some cash can be fairly easy these days. There are apps that can simplify the process of transferring money to your savings account. If you’re not tech-savvy, you can still find a simpler way to save what’s in your wallet. Here are some simple tricks that can help you save more money.

#1. Empty Your Wallet At The End Of The Week

This doesn’t mean you should spend every cent by Saturday. Make it a habit to clean out your wallet of any change and put it away in a jar.

Want to save even more money? You can also put away smaller bills like $1 or $5. You’ll be surprised by the amount of cash you’ve saved by the end of the year.

#2. Set Up An Automatic Transfer To Your Savings Account

If you’re already making automatic payments on bills, why not do the same for your savings account? You can arrange an automatic transfer as soon as you receive your paycheck so you don’t have to think about it.

#3. Continue Budgeting For Loans After Paying It Off

Just sent the final payment for a loan? Don’t stop setting aside the same amount for next month. Instead, send the payment to your saving account. It’s an easy trick that allows you to put money aside and work with your current budget.

#4. Use A Savings App To Help You Put Away Some Change

There are several apps available on your smartphone that can make saving much easier. Apps like Digit and Keep the Change will automatically put aside money for you.

#5. Don’t Spend Your Windfalls

Sometimes you can get lucky and receive a large amount of money. Most of us would be tempted to splurge on something right away but experts recommend saving the extra cash. After all, it won’t affect your current budget but you’ll still have some money stowed away for a rainy day.

#6. Stop Yourself Before Making A Purchase

There are times when you just have to splurge on something to make yourself feel better. Don’t do it. Experts suggest walking away from a major purchase and giving yourself time to think about it. You might wake up and realize that buying the item isn’t as important as you initially thought.

#7. Don’t Save Your Credit Card Details

It’s easy to make an online purchase when your credit card details have already been stored by shopping sites. To avoid buying things on impulse, choose not to save your information in any of these sites. This way, you would need to stand up and look for your purse. It’s a minor inconvenience but it should give you some time to consider if the purchase is necessary or not.

Hopefully, these easy tricks will help you save more money in no time.

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#11 looks unbelievable!




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1. You don’t have to lose a hundred pounds to see the difference.

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We believe that our guests deserve the best experience while they visit our humble abode. However, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to make it possible. Here are 20 easy housekeeping hacks to impress your guests.

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