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Inmates at a Maximum Security Prison Beat Students from Harvard University

Both parties showed no mercy. In the end, the team of prisoners defeated the Harvard students.


Three young men who are currently incarcerated at the Eastern New York Correctional Facility for different violent crimes beat three students from Harvard College.

Wait, it’s not what you think.

In this true-to-life story, which reminded me of the movie “The Longest Yard”— except there’s no cunning and overbearing jail warden to make the prisoners’ lives miserable — Carl Snyder, Carlos Polanco, and Dyjuan Tatro, inmates at the maximum security prison defeated three students from the prestigious school in a debate.

The inmates were not allowed to use the internet to prepare for the debate, but despite the lack of resources, the team managed to present arguments that the Ivy League students had not considered.

The inmates argued the case of public schools being able to turn away students whose parents are illegal immigrants. They firmly disagree with the notion, but they managed to convince the judges with the arguments they presented. The team proposed that if public schools will deny these children, then non-governmental institutions and private schools will step up and offer a better education for those students.


Photo credit: Peter Foley/ Wall Street Journal

Although both parties did an excellent job, Judge Mary Nugent said that the Harvard Collge Debating Union did not respond to some parts of that argument.

“They caught us off guard,” 20-year-old senior student Anais Carell from Chicago told The Wallstreet Journal.

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Dhruva Bhat, president of the Harvard College Debating Union, which is also currently the national champion, said they hadn’t “gone easy” on the inmates. “That would have been incredibly disrespectful of their talent and work,” he told

“We might not be as naturally rhetorically gifted, but we work really hard,” says 31-year-old inmate Alex Hall, who is currently incarcerated for manslaughter.

Since the program was introduced by Bard College two years ago, the prison debating team has defeated teams from the University of Vermont and the US Military Academy at West Point.

Bard College aims to give a second chance for inmates who wish to build better lives. Carlos Polanco says,”We have been graced with opportunity. They make us believe in ourselves.”



Mobile Showers Help Restore Hygiene and Hope of Homeless People in San Francisco

This project is preserving humanity, one shower at a time.


With the population continuously increasing all over the world, there is an emerging problem on housing, especially in large urban areas. Homeless people are a common sight in the streets, carrying all their worldly possessions with them while searching for the next place to sleep. Obviously, with no place to call home, these unfortunate souls have nowhere to take care of their personal needs such as bathing.

Which is why this project of nonprofit organization Lava Mae is a godsend for all the homeless people in San Francisco, USA. Lava Mae converted  old city buses into mobile shower units for homeless people. By using the bus, the organization provides services across the whole city, transferring to places where it is most needed.

Watch the heartwarming video of their cause below:

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Woman Addicted to Pulling Her Hair Gets An Awesome Gift from Her Groom

On their wedding day, Tim gave Rebecca a gift that will allow her to live a normal life.


At the age of 13, Rebecca was diagnosed with a hair-pulling disorder known as Trichotillomania.

According to Mayo Clinic, Trichotillomania  is a behavioural disorder involving recurrent and irresistible urges to pull hair from parts of the body such as scalp and eyebrows. It causes significant distress and may hinder an affected individual from living a normal healthy life. While some cases are manageable, others may have the uncontrollable urge to pull hair.

Diagnosed with the condition at the age of 13, Rebecca revealed:

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Adorable Little Girl Interrupts Ceremony to Give a Warm Hug to Her Dad

This adorable little sweet girl decided that she cannot wait anymore to give her dad a warm hug!

A simple hug can make anyone’s day, and a daughter just made her dad's day when she saw him during a homecoming ceremony in Colorado.

Lieutenant Daniels Oglesby was assigned for more than eight months in Southwest Asia. Cara, his daughter, was so excited to see him that she could not resist giving him a hug even before the ceremony finished. Oglesby, who was excited to see his daughter as well, was not able to contain himself from returning his daughter's embrace. He bent down and hugged her to assure her that he would be with them after the presentation.

Yes, the warm hug broke their formation, but the touching gesture the cute little girl did stole everybody’s heart.

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