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To Grant A Dying Patient’s Final Dream, This Hospital Violated Its Rules





During her last days on earth, Maria Teresinha Prieto Flores had one wish which was extremely difficult for her carers to grant: to see her pet dog Pink.

Known as Tetê to her loved ones, the childless widow had lived alone with Pink for the last 8 years of her life. Thus, Tetê and Pink were inseparable souls. According to her close friend Jessica Stello, the two even drank coffee together every morning. Moreover, the old woman avoided places which prohibited the entry of dogs just to spend more time with Pink.

Since the 83-year-old terminal cancer patient was confined in Santa Maria University Hospital located in southern Brazil, meeting her poodle was quite impossible. This is because the hospital does not allow pets inside its premises to keep up with their sanitation and safety rules.

But this didn’t stop the hospital staff from granting the old woman’s final dream. Breaking the hospital’s rule, the authorities of the hospital allowed Pink to visit Tetê  provided that her vaccinations were up to date and that she didn’t enter the hospital wards.

Of course, Pink was bathed and groomed for their very special meet-up which happened on February 5.

Watch their emotional reunion.

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Sadly, Tetê passed away four days after their reunion. But after her final wish was granted, we’re pretty sure the old lady is smiling up there in heaven.

Source: Viral Nova

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