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12 Dumb Cheaters Who Got Caught in Their Own Text Messages





Everybody hates cheaters and so it’s always satisfying when they get caught and they suffer the consequences of their actions. Thanks to modern technology, catching infidelity has even become easier. No need to hire a private investigator if you use a strategically-placed CCTV camera, for instance. You’ll quickly have solid evidence in no time and be able to dump your partner for grounds of infidelity.

Apparently though, some cheaters are plainly too dumb that they eventually end up getting caught red-handed because of their own stupidity. Case in point, these cheaters below documented their own lascivious acts via the smartphone and, in some instances, even busted themselves by sending messages to the wrong person – such as their own spouse or their kids!

Check out this cringe-worthy compilation by Diply and see for yourself:

#1. That awkward moment when you got mixed up and sent sexy messages to the wrong ‘J.’

#2. The new cure for the common cold.

Source: Two Trashy
#3. Got you there!

Source: Pinterest
#4. Whore!

Source: Viral Dips
#5. “Wait… WHAT?”

#6. Another dumb guy who tried to break up via text.

Source: Pinterest
#7. One naughty wife who eventually got pregnant.

Source: Two Trashy
#8. She thought she already got away with it…

Source: Naij
#9. Seriously, dad? $10? Geez…

Source: Naij
#10. Can’t wait to see who???

Source: Pinterest
#11. “I can’t believe you keep doubting me!”

Source: No Way Girl
#12. Talk about falling into the same hole that you dug!

Source: Gear Fuse

Whether you are a man or a woman, cheating will always be wrong. So you should do your best to be honest to your significant other. Just remember that story where a kickboxer wife furiously attacked her husband’s mistress. Or that angry woman who caught her husband and twin sister doing something dirty inside a vehicle – and then left them naked in the car park.

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