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They Fly Drones to Capture Different Sights Around the World. The Result is Purely Magical!

The world is truly a magical place!

The world is a beautiful place.

This fact is the reason why I envy birds – they get to fly, travel, and see the world from above. And although marvelous sights can be seen from the ground, a ‘bird’s eye view’ is almost always more stunning. We may be fortunate enough to get close to the clouds when we ride a plane, but maybe that’s the closest that we can get – unless you have a thing for skydiving or something similar to that. So a huge thanks to the inventor of drones, we get to see the magical sights that the world has to offer.

The video that you are about to see is a compilation of the most beautiful aerial videos that were filmed using drones. From the scorching desert to the vast sea – this video will whisk you away to the most amazing sights from all corners of the world.

Watch the video:

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To say that the world is a beautiful place is an understatement. Don’t you just agree?

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This Drone Video of Oahu’s North Shore Will Surely Make You Book a Ticket to Hawaii Now!

Bird’s eye view of the majestic Oahu’s North Shore in HD. Truly Captivating!

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a tourist in Hawaii - imploring the beauty of the beaches, basking in the sun, and partying all night long? Well, we don't blame you for having that aspiration especially when we saw this drone video.

Camera genius Eric Sterman captured the majestic Oahu's North Shore though a drone carrying a 4K Ultra HD camera. In the video, you will see the ocean waves in action, the sunset, the pristine shores, and whole lot more - all in bird's eye view. It certainly is breathtaking and we wanted to share with you this video to make you feel good and appreciate nature more. We won't be surprised if you immediately book a ticket to Hawaii after watching this.

Watch the amazing video here:


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This Solitary Castle, in the Middle of the Desert, Has Kept Watch for a Thousand Years.

Seeing it, you can’t help but wonder: Who built it? Why? How long has it been here, looking out over the empty desert?

Qasr al-Farid, or popularly known as 'Lonely Castle' is an unfinished ancient tomb found in a barren desert in the northern part of Saudi Arabia. This four-storey structure was half-carved from a single rock and now stands in an arid plain.

The construction began during the rule of the Nabateans, which dates back in the first century A.D. It is one of the 131 monumental tombs in the area, which is near Hegra (pre-islamic location Mada'in Saleh) and approximately 1,400 kilometers from the north capital of Riyadh.

Although it was never completed, the stunningly intricate details of the tomb made Qasr al-Farid the most symbolic structure of Mada'in Saleh. It has also withstand the test of time due to the climate. The 'Lonely Castle' at present enables us to take a peek in to how the Nabateans created their buildings from the top to the bottom. Qasr al-Farid and its surrounding structures have received lots of attention when UNESCO made Mada'in Saleh a site of patrimony. Mada'in Saleh was proclaimed Saudi Arabia's first World Heritage Site in 2008....

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This Young Couple’s Travels and Adventures Will Make You Green with Envy!

This couple inspires people to live a life of passion and adventure.


"Where do you want to go next, baby?"

These are the sweet words spoken by extreme sportsman and photographer Jay Alvarrez when he asked his gorgeous, model, girlfriend Alexis Rene about their next trip.

Nearly two million people are "following" Jay and Alexis on Tumblr and Instagram, and I'm guessing that some are probably turning into green-eyed monsters whenever they see them post their stunning photos and videos online. ...

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