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Cops Are Hunting This Driver For Taking A Selfie, As Seen In His Sunglass Reflection

Now he’ll be facing penalties once the authorities find him!


Once you take the wheel on the driver seat, you need to be aware of your responsibilities as a driver. In most places across the world, for example, it is against the law to use your smartphone while driving.

As we’ve all seen many times in the past, driving while fiddling with a gadget can lead to tragedy. Remember that horrific incident in Concan, Texas where a texting driver caused a tragic road accident after his vehicle violently collided against a church van full of senior citizens? Accidents like that can happen when a driver is preoccupied with his or her phone while behind the steering wheel.

Now the police is on the hunt for a driver who, although hasn’t been involved in an accident yet, has violated the law after taking a selfie on his car – as evidenced by the reflection of his sunglasses.

This man, who goes by his Twitter handle Geordie Aviator, posted a selfie on social media while driving on the road.

Source: Twitter

He captioned the photo this way:

“Last night as a single man. Married man as of tomorrow. Scary times.”

Well he got that part right about “scary times” as a Northumbria Police officer who saw this tweet eventually posted a message for him.

The officer said:

“It is people like this who end up destroying people lives through their own stupidity.”

“Please get in touch and we’ll send you your wedding present. £200 fine & 6 points.”

After being tweeted by the cops, the driver immediately deleted his account on Twitter.

Source: Twitter

A Metro report also tells us that “it is believed he was driving at about 50mph on a dual carriageway.”

I guess we can consider this as another warning about being aware of your surroundings when taking a selfie. Heck, one should never take selfies while driving in the first place!


31-Year-Old Guy Dates 91-Year-Old Grandmother, Proving Age Doesn’t Matter

“We have a very physical relationship. We talk on the phone every now and then, but it’s very sexual,” he said.

This couple literally believes that age is just a number and so it shouldn’t be a hindrance to their relationship. Kyle Jones, who is 31 years old, is currently dating Marjorie McCool, a 91-year-old grandmother.

Hard to believe, you say? Well we have the pictures and a video interview to prove it.

Kyle Jones, 31, is dating 91-year-old Marjorie McCool.

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Meet Joyce Tadeo, Manila’s Hottest Uber Driver

She’s Uber gorgeous indeed!

Traffic is usually a bad thing but if you’re stuck with a gorgeous driver, I’m not sure if that would still be a problem. In Manila, Philippines, one Uber driver is gaining more attention compared with others because of her sheer good looks and charming personality.

Meet Joyce Tadeo, a lady Uber driver making the rounds in the area to make a living. In a recent feature by FHM Philippines, we learn that Joyce (or JT as her close friends call her), is “a BS Psychology graduate who used to work as a medical representative in a pharmaceutical company.”

Joyce later decided to quit her job and look for another way of earning – which led her to Uber.

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Poignant Photo of Nuns Passing By Sleeping Street Children Goes Viral

Do they “practice what they preach?”

We often talk about ironies like they are jokes, such as when you're itching for a smoke but you couldn't find a smoking area or when you badly need a spoon but all you can find are forks and knives. Most of the time, they're funny and a tad bit annoying. But sometimes, we see evidence of daily ironies that strike us right in the middle of our chests, bringing us a terrible ache that doesn't ebb, even long after we look away.

We often hear priests and nuns preach that we must help those who are in need. They teach us to be kind to the poor, to the hungry, to the sick, to those who are on the fringes of society. Yet, there are times when we ask ourselves, "Do they practice what they preach?"

Definitely, there are religious groups that spend their time, effort, and resources to serve those who need help, and we do appreciate that. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Sadly and ironically, though, there are those who are keen on preaching but needs a bit of a nudge when it comes to the "taking action" department.

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