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Awesome Dog Pushes Wheelchair for Disabled Owner Every Day





Dogs are man’s best friends – a cliché that holds true in most situations. Across the world, dogs have proven time and again how valuable they are to men. Yes, there are also plenty of news about dog attacks and other horrid situations involving dogs, but those are often attributed to abusive owners and abused or baited ferocious canines.

In Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province, a disabled old man, aged 86, is helped by his loyal dog every single day.

Fu has no legs and relies only on a wheelchair for moving around. His trusty old dog actually pushes him around the town, acting as his ‘carer’ because there was no one there for him – and it would be weird to always ask strangers to push him from one point to another.

Of course, Fu could also use his hands to move the wheelchair but it appears that his dog enjoys his duty of pushing his beloved master around.

Across town, wherever the wheelchair and the dog’s legs could carry, Fu asks people for money.

Watch the heartwarming video of the loyal dog and his master:
The Aged Dog, The Aged Master

According to the video description, Fu has been begging in Wenzhou for over 6 years already. It is possible that the dog has started out helping him some 6 years ago, too.

Considering that dogs have a lower life span than humans and this particular dog has been with Fu for a long time, a day may soon come when his furry friend won’t be there to help push him along. Who would push Fu, then? This is a sad reality because the old man appears to be living alone with his dog.

Some of the video commenters believe the government should do something to help disabled people like Fu get off the streets and live an easier, more decent life rather than depend on his dog to push him around and on the people for dole outs.

Credits: YouTube/CCTV News

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