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Beautiful Photos Show the Uncanny Friendship Between an Owl and a Dog

Ivan Menchavez





They said that friendship has no boundaries, it has no limits. As long as you are comfortable with each other and loyal to each other, your friendship will last ’till eternity.

We see the strangest things happen in this world, some are just plainly weird, while others come out as the most beautiful sight. Just like the story of these two animals. They have developed an uncanny friendship that nobody would have ever thought would work.

Meet the Shepherd dog, Ingo, and his little friend, an owl named Poldi. Through the photos of a professional photographer from Germany, their story is now known to the world.

Tanja Brandt, who is also a collage artist in his home country, was able to capture the unusual friendship between two species. It is amazing how he was able to make the two pose in their most comfortable position knowing that both of them came from different backgrounds.

Check out their heartwarming photos below.

Meet Ingo, the Shepherd dog, and Poldi, an owl.

dog and owl 12

Source: ingoundelse

dog and owl

Source: ingoundelse

dog and owl 12

Source: ingoundelse
Who would have thought these two can share a bed together.

dog and owl 11

Source: ingoundelse

We use to seeing dogs harassing birds at our nearest park. They don’t seem to get along as dogs are also being used by hunters to go after birds. But not this two.

dog and owl 10

Source: ingoundelse

dog and owl 7

Source: ingoundelse
The love each other to bits.

dog and owl 9

Source: ingoundelse

dog and owl 6

Source: ingoundelse
And obviously, they like to be around each other.

dog and owl 8

Source: ingoundelse

dog and owl 5

Source: ingoundelse
Their friendship must be as beautiful as these photographs.

dog and owl 4

Source: ingoundelse

dog and owl 3

Source: ingoundelse
We don’t really know how their frienship started…

dog and owl 2

Source: ingoundelse
But one thing’s for sure: it is something that will last forever.

dog and owl 1

Source: ingoundelse

If you like the story of these two amazing creatures, you may want to visit Brandt’s website, ingoundelse.

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