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This Dog and His Human Doing Synchronized Diving is a Perfect Example of #DogOwnerGoals





Dogs are perfect companions for all kinds of adventures – hiking, road trips, to name a few. The presence of a furry friend makes the memories and the whole trip all the more unforgettable. In fact, if you haven’t been on a trip with your pooch, then you should seriously consider going on one!

Take Carmelo and his Jack Russell dog Titi as an example. You see, every time Carmelo goes for a swim, he takes Titi along with him. Not just to watch over him or run around the beach, but to actually frolick in the waters with him! Beachgoers look forward to seeing the diving duo.

Watch their insanely cute water adventures in the video below:

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Aren’t they so cute together? It’s totally a perfect example of #DogOwnerGoals! If there’s ever a synchronized dog and human diving competition, Titi and Carmelo should seriously give it a try – they’d give the other participants a run for their money!

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