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This Dog and His Human Doing Synchronized Diving is a Perfect Example of #DogOwnerGoals

Aren’t they so cute together?


Dogs are perfect companions for all kinds of adventures – hiking, road trips, to name a few. The presence of a furry friend makes the memories and the whole trip all the more unforgettable. In fact, if you haven’t been on a trip with your pooch, then you should seriously consider going on one!

Take Carmelo and his Jack Russell dog Titi as an example. You see, every time Carmelo goes for a swim, he takes Titi along with him. Not just to watch over him or run around the beach, but to actually frolick in the waters with him! Beachgoers look forward to seeing the diving duo.

Watch their insanely cute water adventures in the video below:

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Aren’t they so cute together? It’s totally a perfect example of #DogOwnerGoals! If there’s ever a synchronized dog and human diving competition, Titi and Carmelo should seriously give it a try – they’d give the other participants a run for their money!


Meet Thor, the Beautiful Bengal Cat with Purrfectly Speckled Fur!

Take a look at this friendly feline whose purrfect fur has captured the hearts of everyone who sees him!

Pet owners tend to see their pets through rose-tinted glasses. Their pets (or the animals that own their hearts) are perfect little creatures that everyone must marvel at. While some non-animal enthusiasts would beg to differ, there are some pets who simply capture the heart of even those who are indifferent to animals.

Case in point, the beautiful Bengal cat named Thor, who has taken the internet by storm and made everyone's heart melt with his mesmerizing gaze.

Thor has perfect, glossy fur with spots commonly seen in Bengal cats.

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Two Impatient Dogs Drive and Crash Their Owner’s Car Into Walmart While She Shops

It’s a case of a dog’s park being worse than its bite.

We all know that dogs are man’s best friend and are some of the most intelligent animals around. Consequently, they take instruction easily and can be trained from puppyhood.

Some dogs, on the other hand, are crazy smart and absorb information from simply observing things around them. Like in the case of these dogs who drove their owner’s car straight into a Walmart branch all by themselves.

In a bizarre crash accident in a West Virginia Walmart outlet, a witness reported seeing a dog at the wheel with his partner riding shotgun just before they crashed into the establishment.

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Video Shows Dog Desperately Trying to Revive Dead Pal After Being Hit By a Car

He kept pawing his friend’s dead body like he was waking him up. It’s just so sad.

Everyone knows that dogs are remarkably loyal animals. They'd do anything for their masters even if it means risking their own lives. Countless stories prove that.

Many people think that mutts are only faithful to the humans who feed and care for them. Some pet owners would probably disagree. I, for one, am a witness to how protective and loving my two dogs are with each other, and they're not even siblings. This video is another proof.

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