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10 Fun and Practical Uses of Pool Noodles





They may not look like much but aside from being pool playthings, pool noodles can actually be used for many different DIY projects around your house.

So yep, these floating toys can be utilized for more than just water games. If you look at them as a material for your projects, then you’d probably be surprised how handy they can be.

Take it from this mom who shared some practical hacks using pool noodles. Scroll down and see for yourself!

#1. Use it as a floater for your ice chest.

pool noodle 1

With the use of a few pieces of pool noodles, your favorite beverages can always be within your reach.

#2. Make housework much easier.

pool noodle 2

Make life much easier with a pool noodle funnel. Just hook it up your faucet and you’ll be able to get housework done with greater ease.

#3. Close gaps between floor and door.

pool noodle 3

This is particularly useful during the winter season when the home is often cooler than usual. You can prevent some of that by putting a pool noodle between the gap of the floor and door.

#4. Prevent dents on your car door.

#4. Prevent dents on your car door.

Parking your vehicle in a narrow garage can be difficult. With a pool noodle, preventing scratches and dents on your car door won’t be a problem at all.

#5. Support your plant.

#5. Support your plant.

Instead of using wooden stakes, pool noodles can also support plants but in a noticeably more attractive way. Be sure to use different colors to make your garden look awesome.

#6. Keep your boots in shape.

#6.  Keep your boots in shape.

Maintain the shape of your boots by placing noodles instead them.

#7. Prevent creases on your pants.

#7. Prevent creases on your pants.

Put a pool noodle around your hanger to make a soft curve before hanging your pants. That way, you can prevent any undesired creases.

#8. Napkin holder.

#8. Napkin holder.

Cut a small piece of noodle, ring-style and then use it as a napkin holder. It’s a fantastic trick for keeping napkins in place when having parties at home or picnics in the park.

#9. Avoid stubbed toes.

#9. Avoid stubbed toes.

Wrap the legs of your bed frame with pool noodle and you’ll never stub your toes on them again.

#10. Fillers for your pots.

#10. Fillers for your pots.

Small noodle pieces make perfect fillers for pots, too. You get to save a few bucks since you’ll be needing less soil.

BONUS: Lastly, you can also use pool noodles as a DIY Star Wars lightsaber for your kids!

BONUS: Lastly, you can also use pool noodles as a DIY Star Wars lightsaber for your kids!

Source: MakerSpace

Pool noodles are absolutely loads of fun. Go share these hacks with your friends on Facebook!

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