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Dishonest Woman Cheats Unknowing Vendor For $2 Until She Noticed the CCTV Camera

A woman attempts to steal money from vendors by acting that she did not get her exact amount of change. Watch how she did it!

Faye Marcos Jimenea





A viral video going around the internet today shows a woman cheating – well almost cheating – a vendor by hiding a 100 peso bill (roughly $2) on her armpit in an attempt to get an extra hundred from the vendor as her change. It’s a hilarious scene in which the woman later realizes that there was a camera on the stall taking a video of her and her unsuccessful robbing plans. For some reason, the woman’s impeccable acting and fast hand would make you think she was the one being cheated.

The woman who came up to the stall had plans to buy cocoa powder. The vendors were very friendly telling her the price of the product. As part of her act, the woman showed surprise with the said price, exclaiming how expensive it is. “It is 40 Pesos” the vendor said to the woman, to which she replied “that’s so expensive!”.

That moment when she realized there’s a hidden CCTV camera.

The vendor then explained why it was priced that way and soon the woman accepted the price, handing the vendor a 500 Peso bill (USD$8). The vendor returned the exact amount to the woman, 460 Pesos but the woman’s incredibly fast hand immediately took one one hundred bill (USD$2) and kept it under her armpit. She then proceeds to count the change and in a laughing manner tried to deceive the vendor.

“The change is not exact.” The woman said, counting only 360 Pesos. The vendor proceeds to count it for her and surprised at the change said that they were sure on giving the exact amount of change.

“This is not exact, its not 460. How much is the Ricoa again?” The woman’s acting skills are undeniably good, making it seem like she has done it for so long. The vendors, including the woman started to look for the missing hundred but soon the woman seemed to realize that a hidden camera was pointed at her and immediately takes the missing one hundred from her armpit and put it in a tight slit on the display table.

Watch the video:

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Her sleight of hand trick and acting did not solicit any suspicion from the vendors and after “finding” the lost 100, she then proceed to smile and said it was in the on the table all along.

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Bear Plays Dead After Being Shot, Then Attacks Hunter Who Thought He Was Dead

There’s karma, working its magic.




When the hunter becomes the hunted, some people would cheer at how karma has worked its magic, especially in the case of a human hunter vs. the hunted animal. Just like this story of a man who clearly lowered his guard after he tried to check on the bear that he and his friends had shot. When going after a dangerous prey, it is never smart to go near it after it was shot without making sure that it’s truly dead. What this guy did was a big mistake that almost resulted to his demise - and it was all captured in a video.

The footage below is taken from a forest in America. In the video, a bearded man in standard hunting gear can be seen listening to another person in the background for tips on how to go for the kill. A black bear was spotted up in a tree and a pack of dogs can also be heard barking in the background.

While the main shooter and the cameraman are preparing for the shot, another man was seen on the video and he was apparently waiting at the base of the tree. His role is to get the bear once it has fallen off to its death.

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16 Photos of Dads Who Would Do Anything for Their Daughters

We salute all the dads out there who have had to attend tea parties with stuffed animals while wearing tons of makeup.

Mich Escultura



Most men would shy away from doing anything too girly, even for the sake of their wives or girlfriends. Wives and girlfriends would be hard-pressed to get their husbands to do their hair and makeup, to pick out dresses for them, or to even wear dresses themselves. Guys are usually adamant about being as manly as possible. That is, until another lady comes along.

When a guy becomes a dad to a little girl, they find it a lot more difficult to refuse the things she wants. Besides, all their little princess has to do is pout and say please, and the dad would pretty much do anything. And we mean anything!

Check out all these awesome dads who went along with what their little girl wants, just to see them happy.

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Indian Children Die After Eating Lychees on an Empty Stomach

A sudden mystery illness brought about by eating lychees has been killing more than 100 children a year for over two decades!

Mich Escultura



The region of Muzaffarpur, Bihar is known as India's main lychee-producing region, and so it won't come as a surprise that children would eat the fruit that had fallen from the ground. However, it's been observed that many poor children suffered seizures and lost consciousness after eating the fruits.

Lychees contain a substance that inhibits the body's ability to produce glucose. And since many of the children who consumed the lychees already had low blood sugar levels, they experienced a massive drop in their sugar levels. After eating the lychees, some children would wake up screaming, suffering convulsions, and losing consciousness, as well as swelling of the brain.

Children are known to consume lychees that have fallen to the ground and this caused many of them to die.

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