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Boy With a Rare Disease Found a Best Friend in an Abused Tail-less Dog With Only Three Legs.

Owen and Haatchi may seem like your typical boy and dog, but their friendship? It seems sent from above.


Life can sometimes be unfair, throwing heartbreaking things at us like a physical disability, a family heartbreak, and a career meltdown. It tends to keep us in the dark and shy us away from society, as we are afraid to be rejected. But more often than not, a spark of hope almost always comes our way, giving light to our problems. This is what exactly happened to best friends, Owen and Haatchi.

Owen is a 9 year old boy from England, who was diagnosed with a rare neuromuscular disorder called Schwartz-Jampel syndrome. His disorder causes him to look like a little bodybuilder who constantly experiences muscle contractions and severe muscle pains. He has been bound to a wheelchair, resulting in feelings of insecurity and loneliness.

Haatchi is a poor dog who was tied to the train tracks and left to die. He was rescued by the railway personnel but they had to amputate his tail and one leg due to severe injury. He was also scheduled to be euthanized, but he survived well after the surgery.

When Owen’s stepmom saw the picture of Haatchi on Facebook she felt like this could be the answer to Owen’s loneliness, so they adopted him, and Owen’s condition indeed improved!

The two pained souls formed an incredible bond, probably because they understood what each other has gone through. Eventually, Owen’s parents decided to sign the ‘best friends’ to dog shows, and they kept winning multiple awards. They even won the popular Crufts “Friends For Life Award” among all owner-dog tandems across the UK. This brought Owen a surge of confidence, and Haatchi a warm home.

Watch the inspiring video below:

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Devastated Mom Sings A Heartbreaking Song To Comfort Her Dying Daughter

Mother sings a heartbreaking song she composed for her dying daughter.

Diseases come to struck our families in the most unexpected and heartbreaking way. When health is at risk and life in endangered, we can't help but go down the drain and lose our faith. For family members assigned to the care of their sick relatives, the easiest thing to do is give up and care less, thinking that death is eventual. But not for Lindsey's mom.

Lindsey Lourenco, an 18-year-old girl, has been sick with leukemia. She was diagnosed with this terminal disease, and eventually deteriorated into a comatose state. Although her communication skills have diminished, her mother would still want to express her support and love to her daughter. She wrote a very touching song and sang it to Lindsey while sitting at her hospital bedside. Truly, the love of a mother lasts even to the final days of her child, and transcends through and beyond time and space.

Watch the very touching video here:

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Chrissy Teigen Gains Praise for Posting Photo with Stretch Marks

This super slim model has stretch marks – and not afraid to show them!


Celebrities are known for hiding their flaws as much as possible, showing only their best, most beautiful photos for their fans to see.

They rarely admit to having their photos edited or to undergoing cosmetic surgery, of course, but keened-eyed fans and the paparazzi know better.

So, it was with great praise that fans welcomed the Instagram photo shared by Chrissy Teigen showing her legs with stretch marks!

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Dad Wins 3 Marathons in the Span of 8 Days, Winning $5,750 to Pay for Son’s Hospital Bills

“Every time I’m in a race I think of him and how my pain is nothing compared to what he has gone through.”


With his 9-month-old son Leeim in the hospital for continued treatments to correct his spina bifida, a congenital defect affecting the spinal column, marathoner Bryan Morseman raised funds for the hospital bills in the best way he knew: run and, hopefully, win in marathons.

The 29-year-old is no stranger to winning marathons as he won 23 of the 42 he attended since 2008!

So, winning more for his son would surely be a piece of cake – but winning 3 in the span of 8 days is just incredible! I didn’t know the body could recover that fast yet Bryan was willing to risk everything for his son.

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