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Dentist Opens Patient’s Mouth and Discovers Wriggling Maggots in Between Teeth!





It’s extremely hard to gross out doctors, including dentists, given that they’ve pretty much have seen everything. They are intimately acquainted with body parts, internal organs, and everything that goes on in between. Dentists, on the other hand, have been dealing with tartar, food particles, and bad breath regularly in their practice. If a dentist becomes grossed out over something, it’s definitely something totally revolting.

It doesn’t matter how long this dentist has been in practice; he must have felt like bolting out the clinic doors upon opening a patient’s mouth and see scores of live maggots in between the patient’s yellow teeth! This clip taken in India has amassed more than 3,000 views so far.

If your kids need more convincing to brush their teeth before going to bed, this should more than do the trick.

Maggots are slimy insects that are usually found in rotting meat. So imagine the level of deterioration the patient’s mouth must have been for it to be infested with maggots. It was obvious that she has poor oral hygiene; she has rotten yellow teeth and eroded gums.

As the dentist further prods at her mouth, it was revealed that the insects were swarming in her gums.

Most likely, the patient was suffering from myiasis, a condition derived from the Latin word “myia” which means fly, and “iasis” which means disease. The larvae can subsist on the living or dead tissue, ingested food, or liquid body substance of its host.

This rare condition usually happens to people from poor social backgrounds. This also happens to people with wounds and injury to the face. Those in warmer climates are also prone to this condition. It’s not only the gross out factor that is the concern here; this infestation can lead to penetration in the brain. The fatality rate for such cases is 8 percent.

Watch the video below:

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