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Mom Surprises Her Daughter Working In A Faraway Arctic With A Home-Cooked Meal! Heartwarming!





It is inevitable for family members to go miles away for work. Whether it be because they want to achieve their dreams or sustain themselves financially, chasing that job gives a sense of personal fulfillment to them. But it is not easy to live alone in a foreign place. Even though new friends and co-workers are there, these people left a part of their beings at home.

Meet Carmen, a Hetta Huskies guide in the Arctic of Finland. She never thought she could have the job she has now but when opportunity knocked, she couldn’t pass up on the chance. So she set foot in a far away land and has been there for three years. She said that even though she loves her job, a part of her misses home. And the thing she longs for the most? A nice home-cooked roast meal by her mom.

In the video below, Carmen gets the surprise of her life when someone handed her a plate of goodies with such familiar taste. The next things that happened were totally unexpected.

Watch the video:

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Credits: Knorr via The San Francisco Globe

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